Why most cosmetics agent choose own brand? Cosmetics co-packer tell you

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-26
Started with a lot of founder of the cosmetics are other brands to build their own customer base through agent, but when accumulated to a certain customer base often choose own brand, entrust factory processing cosmetics to sell their own brand. Why is this?

1。 Agent to sell more sweat more panic

first of all, we from the brand, brand to recruit agents is required. Acting major brands of the high cost of the agent's financial strength is strong, geography is superior, the store's own resources, and big brand agent, the competition is very intense between the late if hold bad is likely to do not come down, so most people will choose small brands. Small brands high profits, but were more likely to make people distrust, the agent is afraid of fake and shoddy goods. A customer said: I have the strength to sell, but the more I sell my heart gets panic. Since it is derived that I set up your customer base, then I can not afford so high cost or risk a sell shoddy goods, I entrust manufacturer to do processing, with step by step down, the in the mind more bottom, not the kui for their clients, their brands also need not worry too much competition.

2。 Don't want to do agent brands is not a good businessman is

business have ambition, to give you increase economic and social choice, this is also the meaning of many cosmetics co-packer. , of course, if the first contact with the industry, the fund is not sufficient, begin with agent to do better. But now, everyone is the age of web celebrity, the threshold of the own brand is also reduced a lot.

3. Do brand agents, and are on their own ability to

whether acting brand and entrust manufacturer to establish brands, leading customers to buy or the quality of the products, their own ability, learning to master class cosmetics professional knowledge to help customers to solve practical problems, to make the customer fooled, let yourself in the customer's eyes is authoritative, professional, now belongs to the s fans effect, establish their fan coil is important as well. So agent brand can inherit the concept of brand, and build their own brand can let you vision is more open, manufacturers have professional skin, Ph. D. , cosmetic formulation r&d engineers, more scientific and more profound understanding of skin care, for the development of the brand and its growth is very meaningful.

4。 Polish eyes of choice for

of course, whether acting brand or and cosmetics contract is to see the strength of cooperation, the brand is legally in the state food and drug administration for the record, and composition is safe, does not contain harmful substances. And the strength of the factory will have to further understand the manufacturer. Next time we say about how to choose factory.

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