Why don't cosmetics foundries are willing to make some web celebrity brand?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-09
Why cosmetics contract not willing to do some web celebrity brand, because there are some web celebrity to consult, do things are very cheap, lipstick few cents a piece, what effect to still have? In the formal contract cognition is cosmetics, hit a son? Cheat customer? Not to say that denies all the web celebrity brand, it also has a lot of people do product is serious, but live social electricity channel excavation, makes many people believe that lipstick and protect skin to taste is so cheap, it easy to sell will not put the product in eyes, this let cosmetics factory these seriously do product contract also feel cold.

why electric business platform of lipstick so cheap?

the first electric business platform of lipstick is a lot cheaper to hit, is for marketing. These lipstick cost is high, the material body is good, but in order to open the market is up some profit to improve flow, is not to say that lipstick is so bad, do not mean a lipstick brand itself is so cheap.

second, electric business platform of lipstick is a big order, quantity is very big, in the case of large quantity, can the cost pressure, the outer packing can reduce costs, foundries are made of fully automatic machine, large amount of don't need refueling, can also reduce the labor. Here said the regular brand, of course.
serious do OEM products, may not be able to pick up single web celebrity products. Limited to material and fixed costs, formal foundry enterprises do products have a minimum quantity limit, popular with web celebrity goods products are generally lipstick and lipstick, lipstick products in 30000, the minimum quantity of an order for the minimum quantity of an order for cosmetics products such as lipstick in 1. 20000 cigarettes.

but live web celebrity is changing people's life, this is a very good channel, more press close to consumers, to understand the needs of the consumers, so the cosmetics factory hope someone can take good use of the platform, make good brands, cosmetics factory is willing to with 20 years of technical strength, unique natural plant extracts research and development capacity, to assist such ambitious partner with high quality brand.

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