Why cosmetics co-packer science will appear black rim of the eye

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
It s not a black rim of the eye are embarrassed to say oneself is a young man, all sorts of color of all sorts of color of hair, skin became popular dark circles under the eyes. Dr Cosmetics co-packer science why black rim of the eye?

1。 Sun does not reach the designated position, eye irritability and sex skin inflammation, dermal melanin cells increased and genetic.

2。 Eye fatigue, lack of sleep, blood stasis, blood vessel damage

3. Eye week skin structure aging, sagging and drooping, depression, such as change, such as bags, ditch nasal area.

the above three, cosmetics factory co-packer give advice is:

1. Prevent bask in
2. Reduce stay up, ensure that sleep
3. Do eye care

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