why all natural skin care? what\'s wrong with your skin care?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-07
Care about your health?
Do you realize that your skin absorbs more than 60% of the food? Read all the advantages of natural skin care and cosmetics on your makeup and skin care. Copyright (c)
2008 all natural skin care products and cosmetics of Phyllis Ekleberry have recently received attention.
Do you know why?
Have you seen the labels of the skin care products you use?
You might think!
Some of these ingredients are very harmful to your health.
In fact, some ingredients are related to cancer! Surprised?
Investigating the skin care products you use every day can cost you.
Then you will see what the push is for all natural skin care products.
I know, you think America isS.
The government has set up an agency for the skin care and cosmetics industry.
But do you also know that this agency is poorly regulated and gives a very broad overview of what they are implementing (
Or not executed)?
Now that you know how poorly managed the skin care company is, you definitely need to check your skin care and cosmetics?
Are you willing to put your life on this? Are you sure?
If you suspect that the skin care products you use are safe, please read further.
By updating their safe skin care campaign, you will have more options than ever when it comes to all natural skin care and cosmetics.
But do you realize that there are some companies that don\'t sell real natural skin care and cosmetics?
How do you protect yourself from these harmful effects?
Before proceeding with any cosmetic or skin care, you should first check that the formula contains any dangerous or potentially carcinogenic ingredients.
Each company is required to list all ingredients in the product on the label.
If you are concerned about your health or the health of your loved one, then please check your cosmetics and skin care ingredients --
Even natural.
Check that all ingredients are on the safety list developed by the safe cosmetics organization.
A safer cosmetics organization this group has a free website to protect you.
Science has been good to us for years.
They constantly research and test all the products we use every day.
This site puts all the science and great databases at your fingertips.
Some of the products you are using are already in the database and others are not included yet.
After looking at the Database of safer cosmetics, you find that your skincare products are not listed;
You must enter the listed ingredients on the product label to determine if they have added toxic chemicals to the formula.
After I went to this site myself, I decided to throw away all the products that I used that had adverse effects.
I think good, safe and harmless cosmetics are rated Grade 7.
I was deeply disturbed when I found out that my cosmetics contained harmful substances and possible carcinogens.
I have been using a product on my skin (
It absorbs more than 60% of everything)
Including possible carcinogens and harmful ingredients.
Do I really want cancer? Not me.
And so are you!
Are you ready to switch to all natural cosmetics and skincare products?
These products are made from raw materials of nature.
Most natural skin care products contain only plant ingredients.
Collagen ProductsThese phyto-
Collagen products come from plants and are the best products to fight acne, skin aging, skin allergies and rashes.
They offer a skin that is more radiant and tighter, stronger and younger.
All natural skin care and problem skin cosmetics may be the product you are using if there is a problem with your skin.
Try using all natural cosmetics and skin care to see if you can tell the difference.
I bet you will be able to see and feel the difference in two weeks.
I found some products that improve the skin with just one app.
If you are interested in a younger look, then all natural cosmetics are the only option.
On top of that, you will get smooth skin and these products are completely safe without toxins.
All natural skin care products and cosmetics are provided by many companies.
Some products are better than others, so read and study before buying.
Keep in mind that plant products are better and your skin absorbs them more easily.
Another ingredient you might want to look for is the glycerin.
Many things dissolve better in glycerin, so the absorption rate is much higher.
After using natural cosmetics for a short time, I know you will be as impressed as I am.
I noticed the light and the light that I didn\'t have on my face before.
You will definitely reap the wonderful, healthy benefits of going to all nature!
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