which foundation for makeup is best for your skin

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-11
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If there is something that becomes a winner because it is the hardest to do right, that is the basis.
The foundation usually makes your skin look rough, dry, or greasy, and too shiny.
At the same time, some people\'s skin looks glowing.
They probably know the secret of picking the best foundation.
There is no right basis for this secret.
Everyone has different types of skin and skin tone, which means that every girl has to pick the foundation that suits her needs in order to come up with the best foundation.
Foundation cosmetics foundation is basically the cosmetics you apply to the skin first in order to provide \"foundation\" for other cosmetics and create a glowing appearance.
The foundation helps smooth the skin and gently covers the imperfections, although the more obvious ones need to cover the conce cream.
Apply foundation on face and neck.
The best formula foundation for your skin type the following are the main types of foundation: colored moisturizer, cream foundation, liquid foundation, powder, cream to powder, mineral cosmetics and mousse
I will explain which is the best for you and your skin type, whether it\'s a combination of dry, oily, dry and oil, or normal.
Color Moisturizing ingredients:.
The compound moisturizer provides moisture to the skin, usually contains sunscreen in it and adds a little Foundation, which means it is light and does not cover too much skin.
This is the lightest and good for beginners in order to start with the basics before heading towards a heavier application that needs more attention in the right application.
Due to its light quality, a colored moisturizer is good for almost all skin types.
It is particularly good for drying and mixing, as moisturizers in the foundation prevent dry and flaky skin (
This can be further strengthened with the Foundation).
Cream Fund credit: palacinka.
Comream Foundation is a very heavy foundation type containing oil, making the Foundation thick.
The thick quality of the cream foundation enables it to provide a lot of coverage in terms of hiding imperfections and moisturizing skin.
Due to its heavy weight, this foundation lasts on the skin for a long time compared to other types.
If your skin is dry to very dry, it is best to use it because its oil can protect the skin from drying.
If you have oily skin, it is best to avoid this foundation as it only increases the problem.
Liquid Fund credit :-cosmetics-campus.
ComLiquid Foundation is much lighter than cream foundation.
Thanks to its ease of use, it can be found widely in department stores and beauty stores.
One simply apply the Foundation directly from the bottle;
No fuss or involvement is required.
The liquid base is oil-based or water-based.
Different types of skin require different foundations.
If your skin is dry, it\'s better to choose an oil
Foundation liquid that moisturizes and protects the skin.
You should choose water if your skin is oily
Based on liquid.
This will add luster without adding any oil to the skin.
The ComPowder Foundation has both loose powder and pressed powder.
As you may have guessed, the foundation is dry and provides very little moisture to the skin.
So these are not the best options for people with dry skin.
However, the foundation provides a natural look for the skin.
Loose Foundation is good for oily skin as it is very dry or selectively applied on the combined skin.
On the other hand, the oil pressed powder is a little more, more suitable for people with oily and normal skin.
Again, selective smearing allows it to work well on the combined skin type.
Cream to powder: Flory Roberts.
Mix the best cream and foundation together.
This foundation is applied like liquid.
Like cream, but when it dries, it leaves powder, which helps to reduce the oil associated with the cream foundation.
Cream to powder is very popular because of its convenient use.
Suitable for women with combination or normal skin.
Mineral Cosmetics: yu guang cosmetics.
Due to its versatility in skin type and use, the comminfounation foundation has gained great popularity in recent years, as well as its \"safe\" and \"healthy\" image, this is the basis of ground minerals from the Earth.
You can apply mineral cosmetics in the form of powder, or add a little water and apply wet with a apply brush.
Mineral Foundation is very good for all skin types, especially those that are more sensitive to other foundation.
Basic credit for mousse, or health: Maybelline.
The ComMousse foundation is like a lighter version of the cream foundation.
It is more liquid but cream at the same time.
Using the mousse foundation can better control the application because it can be applied to a thin layer.
Mousse also has traditional small cans and spray cans.
Mousse is very effective for aging and dry skin because it can make the skin smooth without making the skin look dry.
The best formula foundation for your skin the best choice is to go to a shop or department store specializing in makeup, ask a makeup professional to help you choose the best color foundation according to your needs.
Please note that this will be more expensive than going to a pharmacy or buying a regular brand, but it is very helpful to ask the makeup artist for advice.
Also, you can continue to learn this next time you shop on your own.
Credit: Maybelline.
If you really want to do it yourself, choose the base color that is very close to your own face color.
After all, the foundation is also intended to make your face look smoother and make-up easier.
Buying a foundation to darken or lighten your facial skin is not a good look and is against the purpose of the foundation.
Remember to compare the foundation and skin tone in the most natural light environment possible.
Of course, a purer moisturizer does not require too much analysis of the right color and is usually suitable for a wider range of skin tones.
I recommend using Aveeno colored moisturizer as it is very good for sensitive skin types and does not cause any allergic reactions.
In addition, it helps to protect the skin from the sun, while giving the skin a pure gloss.
Close the note that your skin does not have a single correct base type.
Sometimes you may be affected by other factors such as ease of use, time spent on moisturizers, etc.
When you look at which Makeup foundation works best for you, it\'s better to get a High Quality Foundation, because Foundation is not easy to correct, and some lower brands can make your skin look rough.
The advantage is that once you find the brand and type you like, it looks good and it will be easier to buy another foundation next time.
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