what the cosmetic makeup brush is and how to use it

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-24
Almost most women use cosmetic makeup brushes every day, but most women don\'t know exactly what the makeup brushes are and how to use them correctly according to the name, makeup Brush is a brush that is mainly used as a cosmetic beauty makeup tool. Before figuring out what the makeup brush is, we must first determine where it is mainly used.
Facial makeup brush: powder brush, blush brush, shadow brush, foundation brush, blue shadow brush, high light brush, shadow brush, fan-
Eye makeup brush: shadow brush (Different size)
SUMI brush, mask brush, eyeliner brush (
Horizontal eyeliner brush, water-
Soluble eyeliner brush)
, Eye shadow, eyebrow brush, mascara brush, eyebrow comb lips: What are the features of lip brush so cosmetic makeup brush: loose paint-hold and make-up blush brush-sweep blush powder brush-fine wool fiber with liquid base sponge directly pick up eye shadow brush on face-sweep three with different size makeup brush-
Dimensional eye makeup fan brush-sweep the remaining powder of the eye or cover the remaining powder of the face-
Use the mask cream/can also be used as a small eye shadow brush-can be used with a single-
Two-color eyebrow eyeliner brush-watercolor eyeliner-
Exquisite soluble eyeliner brush-with eyeliner cake and water-
Soluble lining cover lip brush-easy and hygienic mascara brush with lipstick or lip gloss-for double finishing of eyebrows and lashes
Using the eyebrow comb-finally finishing the finishing of the eyebrows and eyelashes, what is the makeup brush made?
Mink: moderate hardness, good elasticity, suitable for brushing eye shadow.
Horse hair: moderate hardness, but not as elastic as mink, used as a shadow brush.
Wool: soft and durable
Scattered paint, eye shadow brush.
Squirrel hair: soft, expensive, generally only use a shadow brush.
Artificial Silk: suitable for covering liquid and cream foundation.
Nylon: The hardest texture, used as mascara brush, eyebrow brush.
Why use the makeup brush can improve your makeup skills.
Different brushes are specially customized for different parts of the body\'s face.
A large soft brush can easily make the color very uniform and thin;
The slim and compact makeup brush makes the powder coating finer.
Many women never mean to buy cosmetics, but they tend to use low
Quality makeup tools.
Due to the lack of suitable makeup tools, even if the purchase is high
Good quality cosmetics are worth it.
Make-up with the right tools, your make-up will be simple and easy, and the make-up effect will be more professional.
Makeup brushes can be used for a long time, although high quality makeup brushes are expensive as long as we use them correctly.
Cosmetics occasionally expire, run out or damage, all of which will be eliminated by professional makeup tools.
So you are surprised by the cosmetics that are saved because of the complete cosmetics
Tools, you can also use some more
Functional cosmetics.
Be sure to apply different colors with different brushes, otherwise you will not be able to color them successfully.
How to use makeup brush?
Brush the remaining cosmetics along the paper surface to protect your skin from bacteria, clean the brush at least once a month, soak the makeup brush in diluted warm soapy water, and rinse it clean with cold water.
Gently dry the moisture with a paper towel and finish the drying on a dry towel.
The makeup brush should be naturally dry after washing, do not use a hair dryer or dry in the sun, otherwise the material may be wound;
You can dip your hair milk into a makeup brush to make the bristles softer.
How to store makeup brush?
General brands should be equipped with suitable cosmetic bags, small cosmetic bags are suitable for travel brushes with short handles or travel brushes, and large ones are suitable for storing large professional cosmetic brushes, it is best to insert brushed cosmetics on long heads commonly used in cosmetic tubes
The processed brush is better, but it is not convenient to carry, so you should choose a portable makeup brush suit or a standard suit according to your needs.
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