What's the cosmetic odm design planning for

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-27
Can do odm business for cosmetics cosmetics factory can do product packaging design. For cosmetics, how important is packaging design planning, believe that also need not too much emphasis on. What is the effect? 1 a, visual appeal to

creative packaging, played a key role in attracting visual. The spread of brand packaging, would do more than the general advertising communication effect. Enterprises must attach importance to creative packaging, in the packaging on the vision, the selection of the collocation of color, font, increase the visual stimulation, make the product through the display on the display stand, visual of attracting customers.

2, 2 concept to convey

idea, it can strengthen the product connotation, deepen the impression of the audience, this kind of invisible packaging, for the product sales will have a big impact. Concept to convey in place, let a person feel real benefits, brand appreciation potential.

3, 3 improvement value

creative packaging, not only can improve the value of goods, also can cultivate consumer groups on the brand loyalty. In the ascension of the packing grade, value to ascend out of the enterprise. Therefore, only grasp the consumer psychology, creative packaging will seize the real value.

4 four, brand recognition,

brand recognition is the precondition of consumption, in the consumer's mind is just a rough or not clear impression, under the impression that when consumers once encountered business or brand, can produce a kind of friendly feeling. It can be said that without the brand recognition, want to let the consumer identity of your enterprise, to buy your products, it is almost impossible.

5 five important points, changing the packaging shape

in general, the appearance of packaging is with the product geometry, but in some cases, require special consideration. Companies such as the need to change the original packaging, first have to understand the consumer habits of consumption and use, but also pay attention to the line of sight of consumer habits and so on.
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