what makeup to use if you have acne scars (& what to avoid)

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
If you make a acne that picks you all the year round (
Try it 10 times)
Or, you \'ve been battling cystic masses since your teens, and chances are you \'ve been stuck with one or two acne scars.
Traces of darkness and crater
Like dents, for weeks.
Sometimes months.
Show yourself.
While makeup is the easiest way to hide these horrible guys, certain products and application technologies (
Reading: sliding action)
Instead of minimizing their appearance, they can attract their attention.
We used make-up artists Jamie Greenberg and Andre saminto to show their best tips for treating acne
Scars: what to use, what to avoid, a step you should never skip.
Let\'s reveal the news first.
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You should always make up before you make up.
Prepare your skin tone with a primer, which will ease any problems.
Sarmiento also relies on this when working with customers with acne scars.
\"This primer is very smooth and seems to fill the scar while illuminating the whole face,\" he said . \".
Greenberg also strongly recommends primers for scars
She swore with the whole line of Smashbox.
For the celebrity makeup artist\'s favorite pharmacy choice: it\'s blurry, filled with pores and helps make-up go smoothly.
The miracle of L\'Oreal revitalgift is vague, $19.
97, available on Amazon. This vitamin-
Rich primer can fight sweat, oil and dirt, so no matter what you want to cover up or how much you wear, your makeup will stay the same. It\'s as soft —if not softer —
Better than your moisturizer, so smooth anywhereirritating.
Roramas Foundation, $36, available in Sephora.
Don\'t go after glowing make-up recipes that have a lot of brightness, dew, \"sarmiento says,\" or, the shiny high content tends to bring out the texture, really emphasize the difference between flat skin and raised skin in the process of scar formation. \". Lesson: Avoid. Anything. Glowy.
Sadly, this includes highlighters. On the flip-
On the side, matte products are the best because they can absorb light and soften the appearance of the texture area.
If you\'re looking for a highCoverage, Super
Matte, super long-
Sarmiento recommends a lock for Kat Von D-It Foundation.
\"If you have acne with oily, pigmentation --
It could be your holy grail, \"he said.
Try this super matte, medium covered recipe.
It\'s light on the skin and doesn\'t feel like a heavy base, so you don\'t have to worry about it looking greasy all day.
L\'Oreal has no fault.
Matte 24-hour Foundation, $12.
99, beauty available in Ulta.
Shining selectively doesn\'t mean you have to throw away all your lightTo the product.
According to makeup artist Wayne Goss, even those with obvious scars and acne can use highlighters
You only need to apply it in small quantities.
Stick to where you really want to emphasize, like your cheekbones, instead of applying a bright powder on your face.
Remember: don\'t put highlighters anywhere you don\'t want to get noticed!
Laura Geller offers a $26 gold-plated honey baked ice cream Whirlpool illuminator at Laura Geller.
If the powder finish scares you, try adding some lighting drops to your foundation or use them yourself.
Algenist revealed that Sephora has a concentrated drop of $38.
The efficacy of this cream comes from tiny spots in the recipe.
You can slide it at all the highs on your face without worrying that it will aggravate your scars.
In fact, light-
Reflecting the quality has actually attracted people\'s attention.
Sephora\'s $33 Dinoplatz Pearl Bay invasion highlighter is so cool for the school.
Stipple, don\'t SwipeSarmiento say stay away from \"wispy\" or buffer strokes as they may cause the scalier part on the skin to become more prominent and leave a \"pellet\" effect
Sarmiento said: \"When I was treating acne scars, I found myself focusing on drawing or pressing actions to really blend the product with the skin and fill in any deeper scars.
\"I like to press the foundation with Smashbox foundation Brush 13, enter the place that needs to be covered most, and then take the larger end of It cosmetics paradise-like luxury skin color to Brush 7 perfectly, mix the product in place with bounce action.
\"Finally, he used anything left on the brush to color the rest of the skin a little.
Seamless blush and basic applications (
No one left behind! )
Pick up this fluffy, lightweight tool.
Real Tech point paint brushes, $10, can be bought on real tech.
Not a fan of brushes?
When you like makeup, the trusted BeautyBlender is also great.
Use the same strategy as suggested by Sarmiento on the previous slide, but no matter what you do, don\'t forget to clean the sponge after each use. (
Even cosmetic power supplies like this have drawbacks: they can catch bacteria! )
Don\'t know how to start?
This guide will help!
The original Beautyblender costs $20 and is available in Sephora.
Like your foundation, you should choose the cover --
This is matte and high pigment.
Satoshi is a huge fan to make up for the former cult full cover camouflage cream. \"It\'s super-
\"Opaque and matte, smoothing the non-uniformity of skin texture is an incredible job,\" he said . \".
\"It seems to fill the deep part of the scar.
\"In order to apply the masking cream, Sarmiento uses a flat Jane Iredale camouflage brush to place the masking cream in a specific area, which allows him to seamlessly push the product into the skin
This Matte Pencil from Cover FX is another winner for its texture.
Instead of gathering, it covers any and all defects in one slide.
Sephora offers FX perfect pencils for $20. Color-
For more stubborn marks still displayed through a layer of masking cream, give the color-
Correct rotation.
You can have a peach.
Shades like this cover conce cream under your normal cover conce cream can eliminate any black spots.
The Peach City in Sephora has $28 in rotten naked skin tone.
Set up your work to keep all your hard work in place and set up your makeup with this set spray from L\'Oreal.
It will not only extend the life of your base, but will not leave a dry powder effect on the skin like many pressed and loose powders.
L\'Oreal\'s foolproof Makeup Spray, $16.
99, available in Ulta.
Greenberg swears through spray gun makeup and you can always spray pens for seamless, simple applications on scars.
\"I like to use the Temptu spray gun because it really covers [prettily]and [naturally],\" she says.
\"It\'s lying on the skin but still looks supernatural.
\"Don\'t want to invest in the whole spray gun system?
Try a bottle version of Sephora\'s perfect fog spray gun Foundation. Like this post? There\'s more.
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