What is the function of face highlighter

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-04

The function of the face highlighter is to brighten the part of the face and shape the face. Girls who pursue exquisite makeup often use highlighter in the makeup process. The main function of the face highlighter is to use the effects of light and shadow to make the face look more refined and perfect. The face highlighter is mainly used to embellish the local parts of the face, making the facial features look more three-dimensional and delicate, and the facial contours are more perfect and clear.

Highlighter is one of the highlighter products. It is a cream-like product. It is more moisturizing than highlighter powder. Girls with dry skin can use highlighter to shape the face. It can outline a clear outline of the facial features, and will not cause the skin to appear powdery or stuck due to being too dry. The highlighter should be used after finishing the makeup. The specific method of use is to use a face highlighter to face highlighterthe T-shaped part of the face. In the order from top to bottom, first place the face highlighter on the highest part of the forehead, and then use your fingers or a face highlighterbrush to slowly blend out. Put the highlighter on the top of the brow bone and between the eyebrows. This step can make the eyebrows more three-dimensional and prepare for the next step to brighten the bridge of the nose.

Use the face highlighter to draw a straight line from between the eyebrows along the bridge of the nose, and then use the face highlighterbrush to blend. The nose part needs to be specially brightened, so that you can create a delicate and lovely nose. Use nose shadow powder to blend on both sides of the nose. The nose shadow and face highlightercan create a three-dimensional and delicate nose. Place the face highlighter on the center of your chin to make your chin more compact and delicate. After the face highlighter embellishment, facial contours are clearer and facial features are more three-dimensional and refined.
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