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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Cosmetics factory to teach you the record
want to have their own cosmetics brand, but don't know what data should be prepared to, stuck in the record here? Don't worry, as long as you saw our cosmetics factory factory below small make up the content of the collection, you will know how to prepare for the record data.

cosmetics processing for the record steps a, land registration
land domestic cosmetics for special filing management system, enterprises registered account, the specific needs of material including business license, the hygiene license, contact information, enterprise introduction, with official seal of the application form and other materials.
2, waiting for review by the
after the account has been verified, enterprises can be filed.
1, submit relevant information. Login account, according to the requirements of the record in the system, enter the product formula.
2。 Upload a clear stereo, plane with products photos and specifications ( No manual don't upload)
3。 Click on the submit for review. For the record by, the system will give the product a unique registration number, no longer to issue paper version of the registration certificate; The record if not through, according to the prompt changes to submit

4, domestic production by products for domestic production by products, after completion of the delegate for the record, by the record number associated with the actual production enterprises for the record.
5, for the record after inspection
for products has been done for the record, should be carried out in accordance with the requirements for the record in three months after the inspection. Need to prepare the following information:
( 1) The product formula table ( Do not include content, except for restricted substances) ;
( 2) Product sales packaging ( Including product labels, product data sheet) ;
( 3) Product risk assessment;
( 4) Product production process description;
( 5) Product inspection report;

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