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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Processing business process to know how many cosmetics, cosmetics factory to answer
OEM ( 原始设备制造、俗称“; Throughout the processing &; ) First popular in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, in the international cosmetics industry has conducted more than ten years, after practice proved to be successful, can greatly reduce the production cost, raise brand value added, both the manufacturers and merchants to bring huge benefits. So cosmetic processing business process how? The following answers by cosmetics factory processing plant for you.

1 cosmetics processing business process, online consultation: through our official website, and our online customer service consultation to know
2, telephone negotiation: communication with our salesman, tell your demand
3, visit our factory, there are doubts, welcome to visit factory
4, intention to sign a contract, confirm the way of cooperation, will demand specific
5, advance deposit contract
6, the company trademark registration: if the company own the trademark, this step would be no need for the
7, packaging design, customer confirm the design, the design draft to purchase department
8, the two sides record-keeping

9, formulation proofing determine: stability test, skin irritation test, and packaging materials compatibility test
10, packaging procurement: search material, confirm the packaging materials
11, packaging material and raw material inspection: the inspection, arrange production material within the

12, packaging proofing confirmed: according to the selected design combined with packaging proofing

13, product production, semi-finished products inspection
15, 14 products filling packing 16, finished product delivery

17, settle JiaGongKuan
18, logistics distribution; Clients receiving sales

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& middot; Cosmetics factory processing laboratory
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压力; Cosmetics factory processing production workshop
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压力; Cosmetics factory processed products showing
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