what is best makeup foundation for your skin?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-18
When it comes to buying the best makeup foundation for their makeup --
Most women are confused about the number of choices on the market.
The best way to start choosing is to select products that are clearly marked for specific skin groups, such as those exclusively sold for dry, normal or oily skin.
This is very important because if you choose a base that is not optimized for your skin, it will amplify your defects and defects instead of hiding them!
The next thing to consider is what type of insurance you are looking;
Based on this, you can choose the best makeup foundation for your use.
Colored moisturizing these types of bases provide the lightest coverage in all the foundations on the market.
Light moisturizing Foundation is basically light
Weight moisturizer with color.
So if your skin is dry or normal and you need to replenish water regularly, then this type is the best makeup foundation you can buy.
Those with very clear skin can also choose this foundation because it will make their face light and even --
Did not become the color of cakey or heavy.
Powder for oily skin should choose this foundation.
It absorbs excess oil that is harmful to this skin throughout the day;
So the skin looks neither greasy nor shiny.
This is also great for those who live a positive life because even in extreme weather conditions the foundation is kept intact and sweaty.
They are also perfect for sensitive skin, as they are generally free of oil, dyes, fragrances or preservatives, made from natural minerals.
So for those with sensitive skin, wearing this foundation means no more irritation.
In addition, there are two anti-inflammatory minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in this natural powdered foundation.
Therefore, if you have skin problems such as alcohol, nose or acne, using this foundation can play a calming role on your skin.
Libida Foundation liquid, to play the best effect, must be the foundation liquid recommended by the user\'s skin type.
The reason why it is more popular than the foundation is because it spreads easily on the skin and the result is natural coverage.
Some are Matte in nature;
Therefore, it is perfect for oily skin to absorb excess oil.
For dry skin or normal skin, the best makeup foundation in this category is those that leave Dew wy due to Moisturizing performance.
Liquid foundation containing sa acid as an ingredient should be the recommended liquid foundation for acne patients.
Sa is one of the ingredients used in most acne treatments in October, so women who use it treat their flaws when making up!
Cream if your skin tone is uneven and the range of imperfections is wide, then cream foundation is your best makeup foundation.
It will cover up these defects by providing full coverage because most of the time they are oil
They fill in your wrinkles and fine lines and provide extra moisture for them.
Your skin will not appear uneven or flaky;
Those with problems such as acne, birth marks and uneven pigmentation, scars, or any other discoloration will love this opaque foundation.
The cream foundation provides a wet, healthy surface treatment for people with dark skin, so it is the perfect choice.
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