What are suitable for choosing cosmetics OEM cooperation customer type?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-17

it is estimated that China's 20000 - odd lipstick brand, remove have their own processing plants in the spleen, the rest of the customers are looking for OEM lipstick manufacturers OEM OEM. Choose appropriate OEM production and processing of strategic cooperation mainly includes the following customer types.

1, domestic sketch spleen and spleen of new

first self-made investors or without its own processing plant of spleen, OEM counterpart red demand is bigger, start-up, small scale, at once production and processing products, fast and play for price concessions.

2, millions of scale of professional beauty institutions

this is OEM lipstick of some big customer base, a part of a fortune belongs to substitute other products, the agent products price and quality is not satisfactory, formed its own looking for OEM OEM ideas, their products, quantity is not big, but a large number.

3, just put on the market of foreign brand

market, more and more international brands on the market lipstick products entering the market should be timely supply, temporarily haven't plan to invest foreign brands, choice of localization tiepai processing enterprises in our country is the most economical and effective way, they play a high for the quality of the product, is the price not too bargains.

4, large supermarkets, KA supermarket

many big supermarket come into contact with many brand, the lipstick in counterpart red interest in greater profit space, to find it a lot of big supermarket lipstick tiepai processing enterprises make their own products and spleen, their products are popular, play for cheaper price.

5, pharmaceutical enterprise
and main technical background is similar to that of lipstick drugstore also has a large customer group, so a lot of drug companies are market penetration lipstick, also looking for lipstick tiepai processing enterprises OEM OEM, is generally related to medicine medicine makeup, is playing for GMP certification.

6, hotel

hotel will form a large number of lipstick consumption, so also has demand for cosmetics OEM, to play for product quality is not high, and generally without packaging, mostly to wash bath products.

overall, today's lipstick market, really need OEM lipstick OEM OEM is probably eyes several types of enterprises.
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