ways to enhance the beauty of a woman with make-up

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-10
Beauty means hair treatment and beauty supply.
You are lucky if you have a reliable salon or hair salon to give you what you need.
For more detailed work, we need lipstick, hair care products, eye makeup, masking cream and makeup brushes.
Here we look at how to make up and what we need to do.
Choose your makeup brush and we need to prepare the makeup brush for the three main areas on our face.
Because everyone needs special care, it includes areas of the lips, eyes and face.
Let\'s start with the foundation brush.
It would be nice to have a combination of synthetic hair and natural hair.
These are salon products that you can buy from online stores.
The type of foundation brush MAC brush and other most brush brands have two.
One is a natural fiber made of animal hair, such as mink, squirrel, goat or horse.
There is also a synthetic bristles like nylon.
One needs eight makeup brushes.
These are given below. Loosely-
Brush hair blush small eye shadow brush fluffy face paint cone shadow brush hard-
Bronzping fluorescent brush flat cover in conce cream brush-
Use hair gel, conditioner and other hair care products to keep your hair in good condition.
The difference between the foundation brush and the cover conce brush is here.
In the foundation brush, we see the bristles of the round dome.
This shape allows the bristles to be mixed when we brush.
This makes all makeup including foundation, cream and liquid even more perfect.
When we use the cover brush, we see that it has a flat rounded tip.
You can use this brush on the face profile and mix it easily.
The use of foundation liquid is essential for applying cosmetics that look good.
There are three ways to make up Foundation.
Apply the Foundation liquid with your fingers apply the Foundation liquid with the Foundation liquid apply the Foundation liquid with a sponge apply the Foundation liquid foundation liquid is the skin color, so when we apply the Foundation liquid, our skin
Therefore, the liquid foundation is very important.
It is easy to apply and very much needed.
Any good salon product in the online store will give you a quality base.
Clean the face with finger makeup and moisturize the face.
It\'s important to keep your face clean when we make up.
Use any normal cleaner and dry it.
For dry skin, it is essential to use a moisturizer.
Wait for the moisturizer to start working before you start makeup.
Check the amount of moisturizer and if you see any excess, apply your face with a paper towel to remove it.
Apply to the Foundation now.
Use a mixed color palette, such as a back of the hand, a small lid or a napkin, and take a small piece of foundation.
Starting with a small amount, you can add more as you continue.
Immerse your fingertips in them and pat them on your nose, cheeks and forehead.
The liquid foundation stretches well so you only need a little time.
Continue tapping and apply the foundation to the skin.
Starting from areas with uneven skin tone, make small circles in light movements.
Be sure to circle your fingers while moving up.
Pulling down will make your skin drooping.
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