Warm congratulations on the cosmetics factory cooperation with changsha bo xu company brands, successful development and production plant essence acne removing liquid herbal medicine become beautiful!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Fine chemical co. , LTD. Cosmetics factory brand cooperation with changsha bo xu biotechnology co. , LTD, authorized the use of 'brand trademark, the beautiful changsha bo xu biological technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2015, specializing in facial acne, professional acne, acne removing products by our company become beautiful plant essence, the fluid acne and applied for national invention patent.

company since 2015 engaged in acne acne removing beauty, Chinese medicine plants, now has independent scientific research, marketing and talent training base, the industry's top talent, formed a perfect enterprise management system and service mode, our company set research and development, production, sales in a body's specialized acne removing institutions, the company combined with modern high-tech biology beauty technology, historic created the ancient and modern harmony and mystery and magic of legendary beauty & ndash; — Become beautiful acne removing beauty series of products. Products to the same: qing ( Clean the lesions) , ( Adjust the body function) , ( Repair the damaged skin) , ( Compensatory nutrition, restore skin health) , solved the trouble back at home of patients. Company integrity, tree brand, advocating the concept of win-win cooperation between with customers.

in the advocating of ecological green lung, today, my company on the basis of red miao gu fang, whole plant herbal formula. A professional team, after years of research, modern industrial extraction, use the scientific method, synthesis by beautiful plant essence acne removing white liquid. Whole organic, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no heavy metal and illicit drugs, the state department of inspection and product. Years of clinical observation and the use of thousands of people, can effectively remove acne, regulate skin, brighten skin, efficiently reach more than 98%, all thumb up, is today the only organic acne, bright skin, all natural skin of patented products.

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