Want to cosmetics processing must be before November 2019 for the record

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-31
In the domestic sales of cosmetics need to be on the food and drug administration for the record system for the record, through the record can be sold legally. If you want to do cosmetic processing is important to note that! !

the record new rules on November 1, the implementation of toxicology experiment, the late detection time estimates about 45 days. Various cosmetics factory need to put on record, please arrange inspection as soon as possible in September to October + for the record, and wait until the new rules once implemented, require testing project will increase, detect cost will increase a lot, the report length increases, the record progress will be affected by the biggest, may be at least 3 months after the pieces of goods to the listed!
so, want to cosmetics processing must be before November 2019 for the record, and to put the products do better!

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