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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-16
The following article lists the different types of makeup Foundation and the type of skin they best fit.
Read the information given here before you start making up for yourself. . .
Apply a foundation on the face and neck to make the skin look uniform and smooth.
It is the basis of all other makeup.
The foundation covers the flaws, scars and spots on the face, making the woman\'s skin look clear and beautiful.
Today, there are different types of makeup foundation on the market.
It can be very difficult to choose a skin that suits your skin and meets your requirements.
So, to make things simple, here are some trivia about all the different makeup basics that women will find very useful. Have a look. . .
Of all the makeup foundation types, Foundation liquid is the most popular among women.
Because it is liquid, it is the foundation of full coverage of your skin.
All \"blemishes\" of the face, such as blemishes, spots, and blemishes under the dark circles of the eyes, can be easily covered with proper Foundation liquid.
On the other hand, liquid foundation is not suitable for women with oily skin. Even the water-
The foundation can make the woman with greasy skin look greasy.
Also, if someone doesn\'t apply it correctly, the Foundation will make the face look strestre.
This is especially true if a woman chooses a Foundation liquid color that does not match the skin tone.
In terms of moisturizing the skin and providing coverage, the cream foundation is one step ahead of the liquid foundation.
They cover a wide range and are very greasy to the skin.
That\'s why women with particularly dry skin should only go to make-up.
The foundation does not provide the coverage of the liquid foundation, however, the foundation is very useful for women with oily skin.
Another benefit of the powder foundation is that it is compact in form, which means that it can be carried with women and used for touch throughout the day!
Also, the foundation looks like there is no makeup.
So, for all the women who like nature, even the appearance, it is sent by God!
The stick foundation is similar to lipstick in shape and texture.
It dries quickly when applied to the face, which makes it perfect for women with oily skin.
With the basis of persistence, women no longer need to cover conce objects because they cover all skin \"defects \".
They are the perfect dress for parties and special events as they provide very large coverage.
Women who always need to freshen up every few hours during the trip should spray the foundation.
As the name implies, these foundations are packed in a spray bottle, so they can be sprayed on the face whenever the face starts to fade!
They are the easiest to apply, and the best part is that they have multiple shades.
Women with sensitive skin will find them very useful.
Colored moisturizers combine the properties of the foundation and moisturizer.
They provide a thin layer of covering for the skin while keeping the skin moist.
Many colored moisturizers come with SPF, so they also help protect the skin from the sun.
Colored moisturizer is ideal for women with dry skin and wrinkles as they do not produce any stripes on the skin.
Women with dry skin must try it because of their moisturizing performance.
Mousse powder base is the intersection of liquid powder base and foundation.
It provides medium coverage and is very easy to mix with the skin.
Like a foundation, the mousse base gives a very natural feel and looks like a foundation that covers most of the \"flaws \"!
Mousse powder base has the best effect on aging and dry skin.
Women with sensitive skin, found the answer in the mineral foundation.
This foundation is made of natural products and therefore is safer than all other foundation.
It has two forms of liquid and powder.
It contains many minerals, including zinc, which is known to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
This foundation is suitable for women with normal skin.
It is provided in a compact form, in almost all shades.
This type of foundation will dry quickly after applying, bringing smooth and even oil to the skinfree coverage.
With the information above, I hope you will now be able to choose a foundation that meets your criteria.
The last tip before I signed it.
Be sure to combine the foundation with a moisturizer and a cover cream.
These three together can give your skin an amazing appeal if applied properly!
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