#truthbeauty takes the stress out of finding non-toxic makeup and hair products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-11
If someone asks you about the toxic ingredients found in shampoo or nail polish, can you chatter from the list?
Even with beauty product labeling apps like Think Dirty, there are still many harmful chemicals in personal care products that are ignored.
Jessica Asaf, an MBA student at Harvard Business School, and the sled Bell are here.
In order to help consumers pay closer attention to what is happening in their bodies, the two together
Created a game --
Designed to provide women and men with the \"safest, highest-
The most affordable product on the market.
\"The team has partnered with 10 companies to launch two packages: one with five skin care products and the other with five cosmetics.
They launched a Kickstarter campaign recently.
Sell their products.
Huffington Post interviewed Asaf and Klaus about their cool collection
Toxic Cosmetics enable consumers to use safe beauty products.
View the exchange below.
Huffington Post: How do you plan which brands to include in TruthBeauty?
Jessica Asaf: mission for all 10 companies
They are owned and run by women.
These companies do not have an advertising budget compared to commercial brands, so most consumers have never heard of them.
They are also much more expensive than pharmacy brands, which makes them not affordable for most people.
Huffington Post: Have you always been an avid user of natural skincare and beauty products?
When I was 15 years old, I found that one of my favorite mascara ingredients was used to wax the wheels of the plane.
I\'m sad.
It feels like my first real breakup.
But this awareness has triggered a long-term passion for changing the beauty industry.
Ten years later, I am still trying to improve the safety of cosmetics. I am still studying.
Because there is no pre-
There\'s so much we don\'t know about market safety testing or labeling requirements.
But it is our responsibility to figure out the truth about the products we apply on our skin every day.
Huffington Post: When and how you switch to non
Is beauty products poisonous?
Alexis Krauss: For me, it all started over a year ago when I learned that micro plastic was washing my face.
I was shocked that those small scammers caused such great damage to the environment.
This is the catalyst I started working on other synthetic ingredients on the product label.
I learned about each harmful ingredient and started to eliminate them from everyday life.
First, I banned parab gold, then petrochemical products, and then synthetic spices.
But it\'s not just a ban, it also contains a lot of natural ingredients and finds simple, effective and sustainable alternatives.
I also started trying DIY recipes.
Huffington Post: As a music artist, how do you see the misconceptions that exist in our beauty products?
Claus: The beauty industry usually relies on artists to sell products.
Ironically, musicians who advocate the environment and human health are also supporting large cosmetics companies.
They unconsciously support everything from the oil and gas industry to the manufacture of known carcinogens.
I don\'t blame artists.
I used to model Sephora because I didn\'t know anything about these connections.
I blame the beauty industry for continuing to be motivated by profits and never educating consumers what their products are.
Influential artists need to change their daily lives and support companies that are ethical and sustainable.
Huffington Post: What products do you use on the road?
Claus: I spent most of my time shopping before I went on a tour.
I make sure I have my favorite health beauty essentials in my makeup bag.
I make a lot of makeup on stage so I will never have too much olive oil.
This is the best natural eye makeup remover!
Huffington Post: What advice do you have for women and men who may be hesitant to try natural skin care and beauty products?
Klaus: Slow down!
Start by educating yourself about the ingredients in a product you use every day.
Does it contain chemicals, allergens, or carcinogens that disrupt endocrine?
If so, ask yourself if it\'s worth it.
When there are so many incredible, safe alternatives, do you really want to expose your body to hazardous chemicals? Also have fun!
Start by making a DIY mask or body scrub with ingredients in the kitchen and see where the journey will take you.
As consumers, don\'t forget the power we really influence change.
If we collectively boycott a certain product and let the company know through targeted marketing, it is likely that they will agree to reformulate it.
After the public learned about their America, I saw this happening at Johnson & Johnson. S.
Baby shampoo with formaldehyde-
Release preservatives.
If we take strategic action, we can really see the change happening.
Huffington Post: How do you see the development of truth beauty bags five or ten years from now?
In the end, we want to expand truth, goodness and beauty into a complete electronic product.
Support all of our favorite products and make them accessible and affordable for everyone.
We also want to work on improving legislation across the beauty industry and continue to develop unique and interesting content on beauty, lies, truth blogs.
It is our dream to help bring safe, effective and affordable products to the desired standards.
Click here to visit the campaign of TruthBeauty Kickstarter.
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
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