top 12 best selling eyeshadow palette: bh cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition reigns supreme

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-03
Are you a makeup enthusiast? Can I show you the shadows on the palette? If you can, you can tell me the exact name of this color, then you will like the article.
If not, then this article will be very beneficial for you to understand the eyeshadow palette.
When checking the first 12 eye shadow palettes, one is the BH cosmetic 120 eye shadow palette version 2nd.
Let\'s look at these palettes in more detail, in the order of lowest to highest ranking, not the price. 12.
Shany eye shadow palette, bold and bright series, lively, 120 color-
This mineral oil-based double-layer palette has a high pigment content and is usually priced at $15. 99 11.
Warm Coast scent 88 palettefor $24.
95, this palette is made up of matte, neutral, smoky, and shimmer shades only, not the vibrant colors in the 12-point palette. 10. e. l. f.
100 eye shadow palette, 3 pieces. 7 Ounce-
Considered a bit powdery, a bold pop music less than Shany\'s palette, which is $8.
The 00 palette is perfect for any individual style. 9.
28-color eyeshadow palette, neutral coastal scent
The benefits of this $18.
The 79 palette is quite a bit of matte and flashing color that can be used as a blush.
It\'s great to provide a natural look. 8.
Makeup Set color palette Pearl Shine 64 elegant eye shadow color-
This $5 palette is perfect for stage shows and photo shoots trying to achieve a shiny look. 7.
Coast scent 88 eye shadow palette, super shiny-
A discount of $19.
73. the color palette of coastal scents provides colored colors suitable for all ages and sizes. 6.
Shany professional eye shadow set, 180 color, 180g-
A significant difference between the $14.
The 99 palettes in Shany and 12 are the fact that the colors in this palette are not neon lights. 5.
The Shany makeup artist must have a professional eye shadow palette, 96 colors-this $16.
The 99 palette is perfect for fashion shows and beauty shows. 4.
Coast scent 88 makeup palette-for $18.
95, this colorful palette wonders with the diversity of its matte, flashing and shiny shadows. 3.
120 eye shadow palette-1st Edition-
The price is $19.
75. this palette is a veteran of a professional makeup studio. 2.
, Boutique, 40-for $11.
95, this Shany palette offers a stylish neon color that lasts for a long time. 1.
It is 2nd edition of eyeshadow palette!
The price is reasonable, $29.
95, this famous palette is used by many professional makeup artists around the world.
Why is it clear because of the quality of BH Cosmetics.
The two layered palettes contain soft and lifted colors, and more importantly, are clear and bright in terms of application.
The colors range from matte to shiny colors, and the shell size is the notable 9 of the top 12 sold.
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