To OEM cosmetics to find factory, factory or Shanghai?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-10
Except for in the present stage, cosmetics company professional to do scientific research is trying to do acting processing, OEM cosmetics sales market development trend of China more except for market prospects of jiangshan half have some factory in downtown Shanghai, Shanghai, because it is a free trade area is relatively well-known foundry enterprise is relatively more, like Shanghai white sparrow gazelles, Shanghai jahwa, Shanghai damned is some factory do more long.

but, cosmetics contract labor cost is higher, the systematic level, that is, the implications of a systemic Shanghai cosmetics OEM processing factory many are released its own brands or collaboration of many overseas well-known brands, in view of the general order information is unlikely to pick up. If be small and medium-sized brands do famous brand at the beginning, or just switching to daily chemical industry, or is to expand business scale must save the cost of other customers, proposed priority to cosmetics contract, after all is the current policy environment, as well as being a climate for OEM cosmetics tailor-made. The world many famous brand cosmetics factory, head office is located in.

China now are around half of the cosmetics factory, is a rendezvous for OEM cosmetics, in Shanghai province is more committed to do control line custom branded. Is a rendezvous for cosmetics, many raw materials are the pearl river delta transport past here, the cost to manipulate very low, all here in the pearl river delta cosmetics whole industry chain is relatively perfect. Freight logistics is relatively developed, transportation cost is not high, production and processing as well as advantages have been emerged.
like cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. , is devoted to OEM cosmetics, cosmetic product research and development of technical and production management system is perfect, are all have their own unique laboratories, research institutes, there are more than 10 years technical working experience in heavy, and set up its own product research and development management system, can be said technology professional level as an international cosmetics OEM enterprise already.

from other places, was willing to speak to the local or cosmetics factory in Shanghai, maybe you are too inconvenience more far for the first time, but due to technical specialty are not or should not be your company payment and other costs too much. Technology professional thing have to make professional factory to do, and many of the cosmetics factory is no qualification certificate, the natural environment is unqualified factory bull management, even if you do well, buy goods is has certain risk, eventually do goods collaboration is frequent, who did not want to do a one-time business.

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