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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-06
Makeup and skin care are usually only for women.
It is unusual for men to wear makeup and skin care.
But there are also some men who take care of their skin, but makeup is basically unfamiliar to many men. Utilizing make-
Up and skin care are definitely not a different concept. Make-
Only healthy skin can be used.
So how do you practice makeup and skin care together?
Here are some tips for makeup and skin care: Be sure to consider skin care whenever you buy an item or use a cosmetic product after purchase.
This means that you buy cosmetics and skincare products, not cosmetics. up products.
Look at the recipe ingredients and see if it contains something that makes you allergic.
In addition, check the ingredients prepared from high concentrations of harmful substances that may harm the skin.
Consider the expiration date when making
Update the product, never used after expiration.
Even some products (
Products based on egg vitamin C)
, If the storage is incorrect, it can also be much earlier than the expiration date. • Make-
Up and skin care just try the product before using it.
So, choose make-
On a small piece of skin like an ear, observe how your skin reacts to it.
Nail care is an important part of makeup and skin care.
Apply high quality nail polish and always keep your nails clean.
After you clean and paint your nails, you must also apply oil on the edge of the skin of your nails.
For skin problems such as acne, it is recommended that you do not use heavy makeup or chemical composition.
If you are not sure about the products you can use when you have acne or other skin problems, please consult your skin specialist.
Of course, don\'t squeeze acne.
Please remember, make
Upward and skin care should not contradict each other.
Cleaning is an important element.
And skin care methods.
Grinding your eyes
Clean the liner regularly and keep all makeup equipment clean.
You can set a date each month to take care of your tools.
Makeup and skin care procedures should also include keeping the hair clean at all times as part of cleaning.
For people with sunken eyes, you should choose a liquid eyeliner instead of a pencilshaped.
This prevents stains on the edge of the eyelid.
• Use gentle makeup remover (
Not just to eliminate the situation).
When using deodorant, make sure to maintain the recommended distance between the aerosol nozzle and the skin (
As mentioned in deodorant pack).
Another important thing about program making --
Up and skincare use important rules: never sleep with makeup
Up and skin care should always be together.
Don\'t make it separately-Skin Care.
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