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This shampoo OEM processing is the right position

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
On June 13 this year, la household clean dandruff shampoo shampoo OEM processing factory rain products all have no reason to recall. Reason is tested, the Shanghai municipal food and drug administration D0527YI64 batches of rain clean dandruff shampoo contains acrylamide to exceed bid. So you have to choose a qualified certificate, ring to ensure the shampoo OEM manufacturers.

43, 2018,
in order to strengthen quality supervision and management of cosmetics, standardize the market order and safeguard consumers use safe cosmetics, Shanghai municipal food and drug administration in December 2017 - In March 2018 for the city cosmetics production management enterprise implementation of the quality supervision and sampling, 439 to complete inspection, qualified 430, qualified rate of 97. 9%. Now according to the Shanghai municipal food and drug administration supervision information announcement management method 'regulation, the supervision and sampling inspection unqualified product information, make a public announcement ( See attached list) 。
the relevant district market regulatory authority in accordance with the control measures for unqualified products, and in accordance with the law to carry out the investigation and disposal to the corresponding production enterprise, enterprise to suspend production sales, timely recall unqualified products. At the same time, asked to be sampling unit in strict accordance with the 'cosmetics production enterprise show me tickets and parameter management regulations, strengthen quality management, to ensure the products quality and safety traceability.
I will jointly with the district market regulator to further strengthen the track inspection and sample, supervision and relevant enterprises to find out the reason, formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures, eliminate the potential risks.

Shanghai food and drug administration on June 8, 2018

table: 2018 cosmetics supervision and sampling rejected product information

cosmetics factory is a large regular shampoo OEM processing plant, commitment, never any violations, have harmful products, and will always put & other; Let all people use natural, safe, effective and innovative green cosmetics & throughout; As a corporate mission.

shampoo and cosmetics factory OEM manufacturers have a high safety, is very popular with customers products, nourish the bird's nest shampoo ( Do you want to be a lot of shampoo processing customers, are almost as tested this sample was knocked down directly) 。 Cosmetics factory manufacturer to ensure each product from the laboratory began to control product research and development, product safety tests, efficacy evaluation and stable detection experiments. 5 cosmetic purchasing procedures, 13 cosmetics research and development work, 18 cosmetics production process, strict standardization production operation process.

cosmetics factory manufacturer from making use of natural, safe source plant material. Cosmetics factory manufacturer specially set up plant technology development center, and with many well-known international raw material manufacturers, such as the German basf, French bick, Dutch green branch, Germany's Merck, wo DE xin, the Netherlands aksu, Britain, the United States dow corning, dow chemical, Japanese nissin close cooperation, product varieties have beautiful skin pale spot, repair anti-wrinkle, oil control acne, hydrating, essential oil health class and a series of advanced skin care products, almost covers all requirements within the industry.

shampoo cosmetics factory OEM processing factory always pay attention to quality, create quality products, with the spirit of originality accountable for you. Welcome to factory inspection, can transfer!

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