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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-04
We tried it, so you can know before you become them.
Blend and BoostLAB Face CreamThey said: this cream, like other creams in Blend and Boost line, can be enhanced by a special booster for personal skin care issues.
By creating a custom blend, you can also eliminate some steps in your skin care system.
This cream base claims to provide resistance.
Reduce the aging benefits of fine lines and wrinkles.
We said: Our testers like the feeling of light cream.
It went smoothly and was absorbed immediately.
She also likes the idea that this is a one stop service
Moisturizing products-
Demand for serum and other lotions.
It works well even in sensitive eye areas.
Smooth and moist skin.
$150 | blendandboost. com; select Medi-
They said, California-based non-
Toxic cosmetics, hair, baby and skin care collections enter the lip game using this color-rich cream lipstick formula and offer a very \"lux\" satin finish.
We said: Our testers tried the beige/pink color known as the background.
Overall, she was satisfied with the report and the feeling of lipstick.
Not too heavy or too dry.
Stylish packaging, the combination of matte and satin black is very elegant.
One drawback, though, is that she could have lived without the injection of mint oil.
The exciting lips remind people of those terrible lipsticks more than a decade ago.
But if you are a fan of mint and a beautiful color kiss, these lipsticks will be the perfect match.
$42 | beauty counter.
They said: a natural cream rich in herbal mixture of chrysanthemum tea, rat sage, holy
Protect and nourish John\'s Wort juice flowers and rose fruit oil.
This moisturizer is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and is known as the \"ideal cosmetic base\"up.
\"We said: Our testers feel very fast and hard about this cream.
It takes only one habit to notice a difference in the level of hydration of her skin.
This cream has a faint fragrance and can absorb the skin well.
The makeup does look smoother, but what fascinates us is how the moisturiser performs throughout the day.
It makes the skin look moist with less oil.
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