this just in: aesop roll-on deodorant, buxom va-va-plump shiny liquid lipstick and estée lauderxa0perfectionist pro rapid firm and lift treatment

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-04
Three new products worth adding yourselfcare lineup. AESOPRoll-
On deodorant, they said: This new universal roll for men and women
The product is aluminum-free, alcohol-
Free and use zinc ricinoate and Wasabi extract with essential oils to solve the body odor.
We say: the smell of a common deodorant is a little bit more on the male side, so if Woody is not your thing, then stay away from this and maybe choose a softer one --
Organic smell.
However, our testers liked the smell and said it was fresh outdoors, but thankfully it avoided the smell of fresh turf.
The product is wet, so it takes a little time to adapt and a little time to dry.
However, this product will last all day once you are ready.
$47 | AesopBuxomVa-Va-
Full and shiny liquid lipsticks they say: a range of liquid lipsticks promise to plump lips while also offering \"strong\" colors and shiny kisses.
There are 20 shades.
We said it was official.
The back is shiny lip color.
We won\'t say goodbye.
Completely farewell to matte tones, there are many products on the market that blend the trend of liquid lipstick full of pigmentation with a slight gloss.
This Buxom product is as good as what we have found so far, providing complete
On a continuous color, it does not make the lips look too coated or feel wax.
The factors for the decline are small, but we like that it appears without some sign of a falling product.
$24 | sephoraeste perfec perfectionist Pro rapid company and promotion treatment they said: a facial serum that is said to provide obvious due to peptide de-ethyl Hexin
Looks more \"young \".
Test. of dermatology doctoracnegenic.
We said: in just three days, our testers were a little skeptical about the effect of this skin treatment.
However, use twice a day to achieve visible results in just three days.
The skin looks more moist and toned.
In addition, the product works well with other products and does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin.
$100 50 ml | BayCLICK of Hudson reports typos here.
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