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The three steps to investigate cosmetics processing factory

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Believe that many businesses are doing cosmetics to understand, to do their own cosmetics brands tend to look for the cosmetics OEM processing manufacturer, so how do you find formal, with strength and the price is right? The most important thing is to go to the factory on-the-spot investigation! The following cosmetics factory processing factory as an example to teach you how to inspect cosmetics processing factory
a, whether to have qualified qualification
first to get to the Internet to find cosmetics processing factory, look at the site, the most basic whether manufacturer's certificate with official seal of the business license and cosmetics production license. The most important thing is to see whether cosmetics processing factory has & other Pollutant discharge permit & throughout; 。 Namely & other; Ring assurance & throughout; 。 This is this year's national scrutiny. Without this certificate, no matter how big the factory looks on likely the shipment hasn't done for the country stopped factory consolidation has been.

cosmetics factory processing plants all qualified

2, whether there is a research and development ability,
now online may each manufacturer of propaganda is very good, the development of the technology is very severe. The South Korea, the French expert Dr, this is for anybody, you are to see see, no. So be sure to alert. Must see the actual certificate or research and development center, to see whether there is a research and development of patent, whether high and new technology enterprise. There is research and development ability of factory are generally formula used in cycle, make product a little competition all have no, don't sell out. Or can only sell one, if you want to launch the follow-up of new product, there is no.

cosmetics factory high-tech enterprises and research and development patent

Dr Cosmetics factory level r&d team and senior engineer

3, is there a production workshop
online now there will be some of the so-called & other; Fly one hand & other; Is that from already no production factory, by the customer to factory earn price difference from the others. When you get this once products appear problem, the buck will be unavoidable. Your interests protected, will also spend more than necessary! So be sure to go to cosmetic processing factory on-the-spot investigation. See if he has a production workshop, production equipment, factory have how old, have no laboratory, determine whether the late delivery dates.

cosmetics factory workshop and workshop

cosmetics factory in line with for the sake of customers, the sincere service attitude advice you cosmetics brand merchants vigilance, wish you all can become bigger and stronger in the cosmetics industry.
here also recommend self, cosmetics factory welcome the masses of the cosmetics industry partners to visit factory! The telephone booking free shuttle!

cosmetics factory only do welcome in the market products, cosmetics factory do only make customers satisfactory products!
the good faith is supreme, quality first.

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