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The three major cosmetics OEM contract details to teach you how to choose

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Many clients in choosing cosmetics OEM contract home, will have no idea, only judging from the price of a good or bad of the factory. This is a very one-sided, it is hard to choose the appropriate manufacturer. So when choosing cosmetics OEM contract should pay attention to what? Introduce to you is by cosmetics factory technician below choose cosmetics OEM contract three details.
1。 Choose cosmetics OEM contract, as we all know the first thing to inspect cosmetics OEM contract the legal production qualification, but manufacturers have have modern hardware production equipment is also very necessary in the production of cosmetics, no matter what product need to use water, water as a important part of the cosmetics OEM contract products production, play a crucial role in the quality of cosmetics. Good products, will be ready to source, will have a good reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis water processing equipment is no ordinary deionized water, reverse osmosis water treatment can intercept the various kinds of inorganic ions in the water, colloidal substance and macromolecule solute, so as to obtain net is made of super small molecules of water.

cosmetics factory plant patent certificate
2, choose cosmetics OEM contract manufacturers to see whether cosmetics & other; Ring assurance & throughout; 。 Countries have strict request for cosmetics production water, sewage treatment of cosmetics OEM contract, of course, also have strict standards, so choose cosmetics manufacturers to see whether & other; Guangdong pollutant discharge permit & throughout; Also in cosmetics & other; Ring assurance & throughout; 。 The second half of 2018 cosmetics environmental protection bureau to cosmetics OEM contract not regular spot check, will be to no cosmetics & other; Ring assurance & throughout; Manufacturers do shut down processing, already lost money, and can't do it.
cosmetics factory as high and new technology enterprise, cosmetics OEM contract not only have perfect sewage treatment system, or the first domestic made & other; Guangdong pollutant discharge permit & throughout; In the factory.

cosmetics factory factory sewage card
3, choose cosmetics OEM contract, should inspect factory r&d strength, research and development technical team. There are a lot of manufacturers, does not have its own formula not only research and development center, playing board of laboratory, the core technology in the research and development team is also salesman rather than the leader, such as long as the flow of people, there is no stability all the product formula.
the cosmetics factory has a strong research and development strength, has its own plant cosmetics research and development center, is the guangdong pharmaceutical university experimental teaching base, by the cosmetics subject experts Dr Level scientific research and development team, twenty years experience in research and development of cosmetics formula, chairman of Deng Jinsheng and has 20 years experience in plant extraction, chairman of Mrs Deng Mingyu, cosmetics factory research and development of every formula is stable for a long time.

cosmetics factory factory doctoral level research and development team more than
is cosmetics factory factory give you comb the three selected manufacturer details, national generation processing factory has more than three thousand cosmetics, quality is good and bad are intermingled. Cosmetics factory remind you want to do OEM OEM customers, discreet choice, choose the most suitable manufacturer, make the most suitable for a safe and effective products.

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