【 The small apple 】 Hold the pulse of the development trend of beauty

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-10-25
Now the beauty industry developing rapidly, and the consumer demand change, the beauty industry has entered into a high-tech era, and the launch of the salon high-tech, high efficiency, high value-added products will also be the trend of the industry. So what kind of product is representative of this trend? That's the American first lady michelle Obama? Obama, actress Angelina jolie? Julie, Beckham wife & other; Putting & throughout; Is popular for it & ndash; The Swiss apple stem cells.

plant energy of cosmetics OEM cosmetics factory crystal drill set beauty myth being no age

button manufacturer what is crystal drill set being no age? It is made up of apple stem cell Ⅰ number, cell activating element and Ⅱ number of stem cells. While apple stem cells called beauty stupefy with aging and prolong cell life. Cosmetics factory OEM researchers found crystal drill set being no age the collocation of use can promote 80% of cell regeneration, 20 female beauty crystal drilling by using 2 times a day with no age, 15 women in 4 weeks crow's feet, eight testers 2 weeks there is apparent effect. All people use crystal drill after being no age set, the first reaction is to the skin will be firming, smooth, most people still can feel the skin becomes white, transparent. Look and also better with luck!

cosmetics cosmetics OEM factory crystal drill sets of 3 big advantage of being a no age

1, to the apple stem cells as a raw material, combined with high-tech skin cell replacement, advocate row, adjustment, repair, keep & other Green & throughout; Skin care concept.

2, innovation of skin care formula, really make facial and body skin rejuvenation care: the first step to repair damaged cells, Apple stem cells Ⅰ) , the second to activate dormant cells ( Cell activating elements) , the third step to promote cell regeneration, Apple stem cells Ⅱ) The perfect combination.

3, high-end grade design, atmosphere of true value ( To add) Not a little.

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