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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
It was the best of times and the worst of times. After the 'daily economic news' reporter visited the market found that this is from classic dickens a tale of two cities: use on the domestic lipstick is particularly appropriate.

recently, 2013 l 'oreal bought by a local lipstick & other; The king & throughout; Is beautiful lipstick collection of less than 200 million yuan, down sixty percent compared to the same, all eyes to focus on domestic lipstick. But reporters found that the lipstick sales difficulties encountered in the United States, the royal mud fang, a leaf, and hundreds of birds current domestic brands such as the rise of market growth is still in the leading Chinese lipstick.

in 2019 market size of 13 billion

reporter from the British Westminster information consulting company to obtain a report found that by the end of 2015, China's total retail sales of lipstick reached 98. 800 million dollars. Given the high permeability and mature habits, lipstick sales growth will slow. In the future, the market will continue to maintain double-digit growth, while sales growth, but the product extension and high-end will drive sales rise.

specific to the brand, has been leading domestic brands lipstick market growth. British Westminster referred to in the report, the United States that lipstick after the buyout by l 'oreal market share fell, but the royal mud fang, damned, the sparrow, domestic brands such as antelope and a leaf dominate the online channel.

a domestic beauty makeup also told reporters that the relevant person in charge of electric business platform can be seen as and upgrade the level of consumption & other; After the 90 & throughout; Gradually become the subject of beauty makeup consumption, beauty makeup the consumption characteristics of present & other; Fast fashion & throughout; Characteristics of beauty ZhuangXin brand acceptance is higher and higher, to the United States makeup brand replacement frequency is changing fast, this is good for the development of domestic brands.

industry data statistics also point to obvious, women are more willing to spend money on the face. Online lipstick on the market in 2016, 50 yuan less than 20%, low priced products forward half an year, the number is above 20%; And 50 ~ 100 yuan in the end of the product and the high of 100 yuan of above to the high-end product market share of more than 40%. The director also said the company's most expensive lipstick single chip is controlled in 80 yuan, sales can also.

the mintel, in a report pointed out that the lipstick has been integrated into the Chinese female skin care process, the basis of brands have the opportunity to launch with a specific function or for specific parts of the new product line. By 2019, China's lipstick market capacity will reach 13 billion yuan.

wechat business confidence crisis challenge

behind industry capacity, industry wechat business brings the trust crisis makes lipstick for tough challenges. Had industry revealed to the media, 5 million yuan can invest in a lipstick brand, lipstick production cost is low, the cost of the single chip lipstick even low to less than 1 yuan.

cosmetics factory processing lipstick product development department, told reporters, head of the first three years earlier, as long as the brand, develop a lipstick in channel a little promotion can make money, baiyun district also focused cover lipstick industry chain of the participants. After CCTV exposure of the circulation in the circle of friends & other; Poison lipstick & throughout; Still scares some consumers.

cosmetics factory lipstick co-packer stakeholders told reporters, though now lipstick is as good as they used to be sold, even for the agency the cleanliness of the production workshop 105 indicators such as clear standards, but this is the opportunity and challenge for formal business.

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