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The processing in the cosmetics safety? Cosmetics factory tell you

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-18
Recently, taobao is detected a significant quantity of fake cosmetics, has found a large number of black factory, small workshops. Many people including me, to online cosmetics and wechat business once sceptical. Claims to build the world's largest cosmetics industry cluster base, then doing cosmetics generation process safety? Cosmetics factory plants in a responsible attitude to tell you, in the cosmetics factory do generation process is completely safe!

cosmetics factory workshop work
cosmetics factory has won the latest production license
in order to standardize the domestic cosmetics production enterprise management and improve the quality of our products on December 15, 2015, the food and drug supervision administration formally issued cosmetics production enterprise & other; The joining together of two card & throughout; Notice, request the original holder of 'national industrial products production license and cosmetics production enterprise health license cosmetics production enterprise must be in 2016 January 1, 2016, to December 31 days a new version of the cosmetics production license. From January 1, 2017, no new cosmetics production license of the enterprise will not be able to continue to produce. The new rules referred to as '& other; The joining together of two card & throughout; 。
the policy reform what does that mean?

cosmetics production license new standard put forward new requirements to cosmetics production license, the focus is to improve the enterprise in the production of quality management requirements. Most of these requirements embodied in the standard on the rectification of the hardware and software production enterprises, make the most of the enterprises of the whole supply chain and production system needs improvement to achieve corresponding standards.

software requirements: the cosmetics production enterprise puts forward strict requirements of the quality management system, implement the cosmetics raw materials procurement, production, inspection, storage and sales process, product quality traceability management, adverse reaction monitoring system, etc.

hardware requirements: more detailed requirement to the buildings and facilities, the production workshop environment according to product process control requirements are divided into clean area, must clean area and the general area. Production on skin care, infants and children with eye skin care cosmetic filling, clean container storage shall meet the requirements of class 300000 clean.

cosmetics factory has won the latest production license, has the production qualification! Passed the FDA - GMPC thousands level dustless workshop workshop ISO22716 certification and the European Union: 2007 international quality standard system certification, to ensure the high quality production, with perfect ERP enterprise management system.

solemnly promises: all inspection of products before shipment rate is 100%, 99% customer satisfaction, poor after-sales is less than 1%.

do brand can be in the administration of state food and drug supervision and management of the official website of the query.

have a need to know contact point below.

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