The processing cosmetics latest trends - — Into the big shift 'period

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-04
In recent years, there is no doubt that is & other; Different forces dominate & throughout; Period, whether it's the most popular & other; Ingredients throughout the party &; Or have mushroomed outbreak & other Medicine makeup to protect skin to taste & throughout; That the niche of male beauty makeup, so showing 'alive'. This & other; Fashion & throughout; The emergence of all touches the pulse processing cosmetics sales market, promote the development of the cosmetics and processing manufacturing industry transformation, to the technology professional, enter the position of scientific research, in this process, will be the new pattern of the survival of the fittest, manufacturing industry will be into the & other; The big shift & throughout; 时间。

cosmetics generation processing period into the big change
on the basis of industry chain in China, according to statistical information platform of skincare market capacity worldwide in 2018 already exceeds $210 billion, to maintain lasting 20 years is raising trend, in which, the asia-pacific region for large sales market all over the world, the share of 39%. In our country skincare market scale ascending $410. 5 billion in 2018, predict two years will maintain the compound growth rate of %. Sales market development prospects in the future, cosmetics generation processing industrial chain still guarantee a good time to energy according to the new and high technology development itself, cause consumer hot style.

in 2018, the capacity of skin care products market all over the world already exceed $210 billion
whether notice & other; Components & throughout; Goods, is filling the & other; Medicine makeup to protect skin to taste & throughout; , and is not involved in the new domain, the processing of cosmetics companies, there is no doubt that is a severe challenge, the company to the development trend of systematic position. Small-scale taxpayers, the great transformation cannot translate the processing of cosmetics company competitive advantage will be updated sales market, among them, such as cosmetics factory has a strong scientific research strength and competition ability of company will promote the manufacturing boom, benefit wing in the demand of the market.

component party rise
customers have used statistical data to inform sales market, & other; High quality and low price & throughout; Has become the past, the overall objective of the processing quality is a cosmetics sales market orientation.
since founded in 2009, cosmetics factory always high-value, generation of processing industry, become a set product development, design, manufacturing as one of professional cosmetics OEM/ODM company. The scientific research level, there is no doubt the most dominant cosmetics factory, in the basis of customer satisfaction and market conditions, basically design has value, innovative product secret recipe, such as small molecules fight decline and anti-wrinkle essence, nano water, three minutes to go pouch, carnosine series products, the overall strength and slowly to produce its own key scientific research.

another, cosmetics factory and guangdong pharmaceutical university, university of Chinese medicine, plant development center to carry out technology transfer cooperation, countries around the world to create laboratory, research in Chinese herbal formula, human skin test, green plant components for scientific research, such as technical level in manufacturing industry leading level, in ensure the specificity of the other, let the component wave coming from the large use value, with strong scientific research the overall strength, time in advance to prepare for fresh air to sales market.

cosmetics factory in guangdong pharmaceutical university, PhD, research and development team

with independent innovation and diversification characteristics out of a road, not only to develop the Chinese market, also want & other To the world & throughout; From technology and international union, can only be stronger for manufacturing & other; The big shift & throughout; 。 According to the elite team of diligence, cosmetics factory with fast one step consumption ideas and scientific research advantage, in processing cosmetics sales market, one step at a time.

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