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【 The processing cosmetics 】 Cosmetics retail broken 20 billion August, how to get ahead preempted market?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Cosmetics factory plants from the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest retail sales data in August, total retail sales of cosmetics is 20 billion yuan, 1. 6 billion yuan more than in July, compared to the same period last year growth of 14. 7%, far above the level of the whole social consumer goods retail sales growth, not only after June highest 17% full-year growth at the same time. Cosmetics market demand, but each enterprise in competition, to the nuggets in the field is not easy, so how can the market get ahead preempted market?

cosmetics factory co-packer believes that with the development of the economic level, the improvement of living standards, consumers of cosmetic requirements will be more and more high. Combined with people's skin, preferences, personality and environment influence, appear different consumer demand. Thus not only the quality of product, the product features to stand out, more pressing need to emotional satisfaction. Purchase ability, there is demand, there is a consumer market, so market segmentation to worm preempted market is the important measure of many merchants tried.

cosmetics factory generation processing factory is in the exploration of the consumer market segmentation, the more successful one. Cosmetics factory research and development of each type. Professional market planning department have been repeatedly market research, market analysis, market surveillance and research and development production, because the cosmetics factory know that only by constantly in consumption crowd fractionizing market, will be a niche specialization, do fine, fine to seize market opportunities.

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