【 The new idea 】 OEM generation of processing the lipstick of custom? !

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-03
The merits of lipstick is

custom OEM generation of processing lipstick to points age? ! To skin the watershed division lipstick formula as the abscissa of the age, degree of nutrient uptake in essence as the ordinate, skin young state integral combined to score points age, this is a sound differential high number of questions in a strict sense. In small make up point of view, this lipstick OEM generation of processing concept has certain reference significance. It was based on skin age classification, according to the required custom more reasonable muscle age of lipstick essence ingredient, break not age malabsorption, with & other; Of lipstick & throughout; Release exclusive essence accurate solve skin problems, so as to realize the dream of consumer forever young.

do cosmetics factory own-brand products classification

OEM generation of processing grasps is safe and effective cosmetics factory lipstick is king, quality is the key principle of processing thousands of customer service. Cosmetics factory four silk lipstick factions, respectively, from their own brands YUIMES muscle haun Snow White series for young skin white, good color and decide to pursue health. Water live chun yan series solution ripe age muscle pursuit of solid state of water embellish skin; Youth purification series for acne, oil, inflammation, and custom; Reassure tramal series repair sensitive skin nourishing and customization. Snow muscle and water live series has obvious age matching principle, and the above & other Of lipstick & throughout; Have similar ideas.

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