the internet wants to know how a lipstick stain ended up on a toilet bowl

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-04
At present, there is a picture of lipstick stains on the toilet on Twitter, which makes people very confused.
Twitter user @ clahumour shared a photo of a lipstick kiss mark on January 9, titled \"things about strangers-2018 \".
So far, this tweet has been forwarded more than 4,000 times and has been liked by more than 8,000 people-although no one seems to know exactly how lipstick stains end there.
Very frustrating.
Twitter users have been coming up with their own theories since the photo was released, explaining why someone used red lipstick to kiss the toilet bowl.
One user wrote: \"My theory: The girl was drunk at a party, she vomited in the toilet, she vomited so much that her head was in the toilet, she kissed inside.
Another more sensible user said: \"My theory is that the girl kisses a square toilet paper, gets her lipstick dirty, throws it in the toilet, not the trash can, and the lipstick sticks to the bowl, lipstick left a mark after flushing.
\"Other people think this stain could be a prank or just a work of Photoshop.
Although the answer is interesting, we guess there is a very reasonable explanation for this lipstick stain.
We estimated someone had pressed their lips on paper towels and threw them into the toilet.
At the very least, that\'s what we want to happen-we\'re not sure if we can accept the idea that someone actually knelt down and kissed the toilet bowl.
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