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The fifth cattle business challenge is about to start, cattle merchants cosmetics OEM manufacturer in cosmetics factory end of preparations for the meeting

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
On June 21, 2018, cattle merchants in cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer, held the fifth cattle have a close the preparatory meeting of champions. Reason is the fifth cattle dealer supremacy is about to open, cattle dealer supremacy enthusiasm around the swing. Mr. Xia, blowing drumbeats, cattle merchants morale, will be a fight!

cattle dealer: on the Internet is to make the traditional enterprise & other; Cow & throughout; Get up! “ Cattle dealer & throughout; The concept put forward by ChanRen information group for the first time in 2009. Cattle, is the outstanding representative of electronic retailing group.
the chamber of commerce of the cow: predominantly ChanRen information strategy class composed of voluntary non-profit community groups, was approved by the ChanRen information group agreed that launched by ChanRen student information, student autonomy and self management, self operation of social organization.
cattle dealer ii: in the traditional enterprise on the Internet and other Cow & throughout; Businessman, for on the Internet to do the dominance of success

the main content of this meeting:
1, the chamber of commerce of the standing committee meeting, summary in the first half of the chamber of commerce development, communication in the second half of the development plan.
2, cattle business champions preparatory meeting
1) Identify a specific qualification, the implementation of the enterprise
2) Division champions leadership clearly,
3) Funds of champions and rivalry clothing unified order
4) Ready to start the meeting matters specified in ( Materials and processes) And executive director

the meeting time and place arrangement:
the meeting time: June 21 15:00 - 17:00
the meeting attendees: standing committee member and the cattle of enterprise boss
theme: cattle dealer of the preparatory committee
the meeting location: white lotus city baiyun district are wo street Luo Gang village tung street no. 2 ( Cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer of multi-functional conference room)

cattle dealer supremacy, fight for honor, we come to the

cosmetics factory factory addressed President Deng

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