The cost of the lipstick generation processing details

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-29
Now the most popular item in skincare products industry is the lipstick, especially in the United States began the lipstick monolithic more great after sales model. That today I also in the form of a single chip for lipstick generation of processing fees detail, want to do lipstick generation process can take out plan well, lest later be pit! ! !

lipstick generation of processing fees detail = filling material body + + combination fee + membrane cloth, aluminum foil bag outside of the membrane + + color box, box carton
although like money so much, in fact, the material body is accounted for by more than 70%, filling combination cost prices are almost of the industry, and membrane cloth color box closed membrane carton design, also see specification lipstick differentiation in the materials and membrane cloth, determines the quality of the lipstick.
the price of a first lipstick in $1 to $dozens, general budget is to make the finished product lipstick. Just estimate. To explain some here, generally a lipstick price of a piece of the following, if not on 100000, the body is not good, don't look at a pile of several MAO lipstick on taobao alibaba, can get such a low cost pressure or at a loss, or bad, or it's not effect, if it is just in this industry brands, don't choose this from the start, very damaged his reputation! At first it's best to do effect can port in red, in 2 - general price 4 between blocks. If in this industry for a long time, believe you also know the price, generally with good effect, the price is not low.
in general will give you a general quotation, before signing the contract after the signing of the contract, packaging material first to full, 50% of the material body, at the time of shipment for the remaining 50%.
the processing lipstick choose cosmetics factory, to save time to save money also worry! 01 automatic equipment, nissan 300000 lipstick. GMPC and ISO dual certification standards of Europe and America. 0220 years of experience in research and development, more than 9000 kinds of mature formula, 1000 + successful brands on the market. 03 stable high quality suppliers at home and abroad, to ensure that all kinds of good mouth cloth, can further reduce the cost of membrane cloth and the outer packing. 04 only back yards, all products are guaranteed after-sales carefree! 0522 escort big plant patent in the patent is to be found online, exclusive beauty cosmetics factory customized for you!
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