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The cosmetics factory revelation pale spot quick effect inside beautiful white tender skin products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
White and tender skin is an important standard of judging beautiful, female to yue oneself person look, who don't want to have a piece of white and tender skin? Cosmetics factory processing factory to remind you, along with the tender skin effect of the whitening pale spot skin care products in the market competition pressure, some merchants for products can have a faster response, improve the economic benefit, will add hormones on product in order to achieve effective to attract consumers, so you have to pay attention to is love.

so how do you distinguish contain hormones protect skin to taste? Cosmetics factory factory believe that if a short period of time in effect is very good products, and stop in two or three days appear rash, skin sensitive symptom such as erythema, the majority is added hormones.

cosmetics factory processing plants, recently, the zhejiang province food drug administration in 153 batches of lipstick cosmetics sampling observation found that 13 batch product is unqualified, 12 batches involving illegal add chlorine times he SuoBing acid ester, fluoride and dexamethasone glucocorticoid easily.

these skin care products can be quickly in a short time to achieve whitening, tender skin effect, to give consumers a very good experience. But after long-term use contain hormones protect skin to taste, can produce rely on it. Once stopped, there will be a serious problem such as erythema, papules, capillaries expansion. 'Cosmetics health standard' ( The 2007 edition) Also make clear a regulation, adding of glucocorticoid hormones in cosmetics material is prohibited.

common saying say of good! Rome is not build in a day, skin problems are accumulate over a long period of time after the effect, if you want to restore the original pure white and flawless skin is not easy. But some protect skin to taste the ingredients do have weak spots, whitening effect, only a very low percentage topical absorbed through the skin, often need a long process, can't reach the expected effect immediately, so cosmetics factory factory suggest you stick with some security to protect skin to taste, peace of mind to treat is the truth.

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