the best multisticks to keep your makeup bag light

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-22
Because it can be annoying to walk around in a heavy bag.
It\'s annoying to hang out around a big makeup bag, but it seems necessary.
Sometimes you just need all the essentials so you can look fresh all day, especially in the summer when makeup slips off your face like hot cheese on a pizza.
Unfortunately, your poor handbag and arm was forced to bear the burden of a small makeup boutique, which is not ideal.
You swear to minimize it, but your wallet, laptop and an extra sweater are notnegotiable.
However, your makeup bag is that you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary weight if you are smart to shop and buy items for multiple purposes.
What we have to say is that the multi-stick system is bae. These two-three-and even four-in-
A beauty innovation will simplify your makeup process and help ease your burden.
The Canadian company was responsible for completely changing the custom lipstick, but later they started working on other cosmetics.
Their multi-stick is a lightweight, breathable stick that can be used as eye shadow, cream blush, and of course lip color.
It also has 18 shades, so the variety will never be a problem.
This affordable option for NYX is your new highlight, hidden and contoured friend.
It has four cream colors and is beautifully mixed, effectively eliminating the two products in the makeup bag.
How great Ilia is can be considered a hero product of the brand.
Not only does it play double games
As the color of the lips and cheeks, it will also moisturize your skin and inject all kinds of beauty into your skin.
Vitamin E, organic cocoa, and shea butter make your face soft and radiant and will never be stuck.
If your main concern is to create a good foundation for the foundation, then invest in two of Dior\'s-in-
A product of two colors
Correct and prime number.
The compact stick has four colors depending on your correction needs.
Fans of matte appearance will love this ultra-thin lip pen that can be used as a cheek color.
This lasting, non-
The dry formula from the Canadian brand Nudestix is the perfect beauty companion for a day on the beach.
The local company gets extra points for food, animals and environmental protection. Leave it to M. A.
C Cosmetics create a product that can do anything but make up for you.
Their Quiktrik sticks are double.
End the color that stands out, outlines, bronzes, and makes your cheeks pop.
It has a variety of shades that suit your skin tone.
Hourglass is well received for its skin color products, and its foundation stick can easily become a favorite of fans.
It is a fully covered base, but it is also formulated as a masking cream.
With how great this is, you can leave all your skin color products at home.
Korean beauty brands are always at the forefront and have had multiple brands long ago.
Faceshop has a few more sticks, including a hole
Smooth and mattifying great for sweaty summer.
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