the 8 makeup brushes you actually need and how to use them

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-25
I have been a professional makeup artist for the last 9 years and have found that I always come into contact with the same brush when making up for clients --and myself.
Also, the question I am most often asked is, \"What brush do you use?
\"So the list of makeup brushes you actually need and why.
If you have these brushes, you can achieve any makeup effect you want, and that\'s it if I\'m going to make the perfect brush set.
I love these brushes so much that they work so well that there are three times more in my kit!
Promises, the days have passed to buy a brush that uses only one or two brushes without touching the rest.
First of all, you need a powder brush --
Powder is the key to laying the foundation.
In addition, this brush helps to mix blush and outline.
To lay your foundation, sprinkle some powder on your face.
To mix any blush or outline, simply rotate the brush in a circular motion until the desired effect is achieved. realtechniques. com, $12.
82 blush brush even if you cancel or cover the redness with foundation, you still need to add a little color to the Apple on the cheek to prevent yourself from being washed off.
When I reached out to get my blush brush, I noticed that I always use this on my fluffy blush brush, because it really allows me to store a lot of colors where I want it to be still fluffy enough to mix.
Don\'t be afraid that it is a tilted brush, which makes it easier to work;
This brush embraces the angle of your cheek.
Just make sure you have the shortest bristles in the center of your cheek, where your cheekbones stand out the highest and the bristles that are farthest from the center of your cheekbones are longer.
When applying blush with this brush, use sweeping and tapping actions.
Keep in mind that the bigger the brush, the more dispersed your powder/color is, that\'s why I don\'t recommend using your full powder brush (Mentioned above)for blush;
The greater the density of the brush, the more concentrated your color will be. bdelliumtools.
Com, $18 Contour & highlight brush this brush is perfect for profile and highlight, both brushes can really highlight your features, whether it\'s cheekbones, chin or nose.
On the other hand, it can also help minimize or re-shape features.
This is my favorite contour brush as it is fluffy but still dense enough to give you a color return and blend the color very well.
My favorite hybrid shape is its dome shape.
For the outline, immerse the brush in a shadow deeper than your natural skin tone.
Click on it to remove any excess powder (
It\'s better to start with lighter and reach the amount you want)
Then mix with a small circular motion and sweep the brush in the area you want to retreat.
The outline below the chin line and under the cheekbones for definition.
To use a highlighter, make sure your brush is clean (
Wipe all the colors on the brush onto the paper towel)
Dip the brush into the highlighter color and sweep it through the area you want to focus on, just like the top of the cheekbone. maccosmetics.
Ca, $42 here, I used my Bdellium tool 962 corner blush brush and my MAC 109 profile/highlight brush to achieve the cheek effect of this glowing profile.
When you want to apply colors a lot in a certain area, it\'s good to have at least one dense eye shadow brush.
Even if you use only one eye shadow color, it can create more dimensions because it can be used to make the color look deeper in a specific area.
I love this eye shadow brush because it deposits a lot of color on the lid and under the waterline.
I even used it to highlight the lower eyebrows and the inner corners of my eyes.
When using this brush, you should use two different techniques based on the area that uses it.
On the lid, tap and drag the color with the flat face of the brush, to highlight, or under the eyes, use the tip of the brush to sweep the color. maccosmetics.
Ca, $30 fluffy blend eyeshadow brushA blend eyeshadow is the most important eye shadow brush as you can do a lot of things with it!
Mixing is the most important when making up: It\'s basically like using super cute Snapchat filters on your face.
It softened everything and blurred everything.
This brush perfectly mixes the color of the eyeshadow, it is dense enough that you can build the color by layering.
To mix with this, use it as if using powder and contour brush.
Because it\'s a bit of a dome shape, fluffy, just rotate the color in a small circle and then rotate back and forth like a windshield wiper.
When mixing under the eyes, use the windshield wiper movement and use both techniques when mixing the lid to creases.
Pro tip: When you add a color to an area with this or any brush, first place the color on the area you want to be the darkest and then mix to produce a gradient effect. maccosmetics.
Ca, $30 implements a smoky eye that is as soft as Megan Fox, you can use the MAC 239 eye shadow brush to sweep the highlighter under the eyebrows, wrap the color on the lid, focus on the corner outside, and sweep under the eyes.
You can then use the MAC 217 fluffy blend brush to mix the color on the lid under the creases and eyes so there won\'t be any rough lines.
Flat-angle eyeliner you need a flat-angle eyeliner, which is, of course, the perfect choice for eyeliner. But you can even use this brush on your eyebrows because it will give you the most accurate lines and you will want to use this brush in any detail work.
This is my favorite angle brush as its shape is kept well and very easy to use.
It is flat, dense, angled and synthetic, making it ideal for padding with wings and other padding.
It is better to use a synthetic brush on the cream and gel liner, because the brush does not absorb the product like a natural brush.
Creams and gels can also damage natural bristles, so stick on synthetic brushes for creams and gels, but you can use this brush on any product;
This is also great for creating a softer liner with shadows.
Depending on the color and color of the lining you want, use it to dry or wet shadows.
Using a dry lining brush with dry shadows will create a softer lining appearance, while using a wet lining brush will create a bolder, more colored and more precise lining appearance.
The shape of this brush is like a tilted blush brush, so it will fit the shape of your eyes, which is basically a dome.
You will start by holding the longest side towards the inner corner of your eye, turning it over when it hits about half, and starting at the outer corner of your eye, then dragging it to the center.
In this way, it will embrace the best shape of your eyes.
Use pressing and scanning techniques to apply padding.
By doing so, you\'re basically dragging colors in from the outside. maccosmetics.
Ca, $24 realize classic bold liner like Adele, you can use MAC 263 corner liner brush with wet shadow or gel liner.
You can create a softer version of this look by using a shadow with a dry brush.
For this lighter version, you can use the shadow \"tighline\", which basically means getting as close to the lash line as possible and creating an ultra-thin, natural lining.
Press and hold from the center on both sides of the outer corner and drag.
Doing fine lines adds a definition to make your lashes look fuller, but it\'s not a bold eyeliner. Dual-
You can brush the eyebrows with your MAC 263 angle liner brush, but I actually prefer this brush to brush the eyebrows.
It\'s even more stiff and dense, which really gives you the most control when creating small hair strokes and defining the shape of your eyebrows.
I also like that the brush is double sided and there is a mascara spool at the end that you can use to comb the eyebrows and make them look natural.
To use this brush, first comb the eyebrows up and out, and then add a little colored eyebrow gel to the flat lining brush.
Use a minimum of products, follow your natural eyebrows and slide the shape of the small brush up and out.
When you go to the arch and outer corner of your forehead, brush your hair down and follow your natural eyebrows with the same sliding technique to fill and define the shape of your eyebrows.
After you create the shape you are satisfied with, gently comb your brush.
Add a little eyebrow glue and keep everything normal and you can go! Sephora.
Ca, $23 lip brush, although the lip brush is not as important as all the other brushes on this list, the lip brush can help you achieve bold lips, or mix out two different lip colors, such as dim lips.
They are also amazing and can be used as a cover-up brush around the mouth
When you wear bold lips, you always want to have a clean edge so it looks smooth and untidy.
You might think, \"Hey Kristina, why can\'t I clean the edges with my MAC 263 angle liner brush?
\"You can, but I found that this brush is easier to use when cleaning the edges, and its edges are flat round.
To use this brush clean up your edges with the cover conce cream, pat it with the cover conce cream, wipe off the excess parts, then flatten the brush onto the skin and take what you wantbdelliumtools.
Com, $8 a bold red lip looks like a single woman\'s Kaitlyn Bristowe, you can use the bold lip brush of the Bdellium tool 542.
Apply the lipstick to the lips with a lip brush and clean the edges with a cover conce cream.
When wearing bold lips, it is always important to make sure the edges are clean.
Also, to achieve eyebrows defined like Kaitlyn Bristowe, and all the other looks seen above, you can use the Anastasia Beverly Hills 14 brush with eyebrow gel or powder
Kristina Johnston is a professional makeup artist, actor and beauty writer in Toronto.
She began her makeup in 2009, when she was filming a short film while studying movies at New York University.
She finished the whole production later.
In 2012, the art program of CMU Academy of makeup arts and design includes hair, fashion, bride, theater, film, television, artificial limbs and biological design.
After graduating from the CMU School of makeup arts and design, she became a certified makeup artist for Sephora and MAC Cosmetics, where she perfected the skills of beauty and bridal makeup.
Kristina is currently a freelance makeup artist and actor, focusing primarily on movies and television in Toronto, Canada.
She also wrote a letter for xojane. com and xovain.
As a beauty contributor.
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