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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
Better achievements in support of cattle dealer supremacy, ChanRen areas to promote the electronic commerce college lecturer, senior pay experts fan teacher at 2 PM on July 16 supremacy in cosmetics factory processing plants for the cattle business companies elite live demonstration of how to do data analysis and diagnosis of paid promotion account.

thank teacher fei spite of being very busy toglance cosmetics factory to cheer on cattle dealer supremacy!

teacher fei in the process of teaching

course content mainly paid promoting how to pay for data analysis. In the entire network marketing, paid promotion is one of the most important way of promotion, pay and promotion main purpose is to increase the order and reduce the cost for the guest. To achieve this goal is constantly optimized, this is a recurring process. How to optimize the found that the problem will have to rely on data analysis, summarizes the problems and corresponding solution. Teacher fei the lecture is to solve the present and even had the opportunity to present many semer confusion.

account analysis of positive note taking
the course content includes five parts: data acquisition, data cleaning, data analysis, data display, to improve the tuning. Is primarily concerned with the analysis of data, data, inquiry to combine data and sales data.
cattle dealer ii members have listening

teacher fei and gives several small share, lest you enter the erroneous zone ( Here small make up tidy it up) :
1。 Data applications: AB analysis

2. Data is not everything, Sample/analysis) , business people and more communication and customer service, combined with the situation of the market, can't see a data to judge, to comprehensively under various conditions.

3。 ROI( Input-output ratio) Determinism, paid promotion core is not completely with the least money to obtain maximum input-output ratio, and also has a sales relationship.

the cattle dealer members present after harvest very much. Good king commander said: listen to feel good, is better than good feel better to do well. The cattle dealer members also present in the course of eager to share their harvest. That's what we're cattle dealer of purpose: the love of learning, share joy! Every company has learned a lot of, have the next step in the data analysis of plan, bless our cattle dealer here of cattle merchants can achieve their goals, ready to be born, come on!

of course, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, our cattle dealer supremacy in order to be born into effect, to continue the good atmosphere, all members need to abide by the rules, also our mr. wong commander at the scene also read the rules, hope to know cattle dealer members and strictly implemented. Execution is also in order to make our own real gain in the cattle business supremacy effect is better, I believe you can to stick!

the end of the study, cosmetics factory is a great honor for me to this study out of a force, thank you for your hard-working arrival cosmetics factory!

cosmetics factory welcome the masses of cosmetics industry partners to visit factory!

the telephone booking free shuttle!

cosmetics factory customer service 24 hours online service
cosmetics factory only do welcome in the market products, cosmetics factory do only make customers satisfactory products!
the good faith is supreme, quality first.

highlights of past
cattle business entrepreneurs assists sawyer cosmetics factory 90 shang hegemony
the long march is reed, cosmetics factory dragon boat send affectionate
lipstick processing factory found the right, don't think money is difficult!
cosmetics contract to prevent cheating trick

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