the 10 most important tips for perfect makeup on your wedding day!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-17
AHEADEvery spends a few weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress in stores, magazines and online;
Perfect color for bridesmaid dresses;
Perfect shoes and other accessories.
The bride always plans the venue a few months in advance.
Unfortunately, many brides wait until the last minute to make up for their wedding plans.
It\'s really like waiting to pick a dress a few days ago!
It is important that you be prepared to know the perfect look of your wedding day.
It is not recommended that you try something drastic or brand new, but fine-tune the look that makes you feel beautiful!
Play with a different look and color-remember -
Wash off makeup!
Don\'t try a new look on your wedding day! Promise!
If you are contacting a professional makeup artist or consultant;
Be sure to allocate time to meet with the consultant before the wedding.
The consultant will know what questions you have to offer the best advice.
Also, if you are not completely satisfied with these suggestions, you will have the opportunity to try a different look in advance.
The day of the wedding is not the day to change your mind or not sure what your appearance will make you feel!
You will be excited!
Remember, we offer special offers for those brides who are first consulted!
Classic and trendy fashion come and go with the change of season.
The trend is as easy to change back and forth as the pendulum holds time.
One thing is for sure.
The trend will change.
When choosing your bridal makeup
Make a decision if you want to look classic timeless or if you want to look stylish.
There is one thing to consider when you, your children and even your grandchildren are looking at your wedding photos.
Do you still think you\'re beautiful?
It\'s a good rule to decide if your makeup choices stand the test of time.
You want to look like you
You just want to enhance your favorite features and create the illusion to cover aspects that you are not satisfied.
It\'s important to look like yourself.
Remember, the groom proposes to the real you and he wants to see the real you on the altar!
There are some timeless looks that are still fashionable-
Audrey Hepburn\'s appearance is a timeless classic, but it is striking today.
The color you choose should be a complement to the fashion industry.
Certain techniques you know come and go style is definitely not what you want to use at your wedding! Remember -
Beautiful, elegant, timeless, charming. . .
These adjectives are what you wish to be described.
Tips 3 times for the wedding the bride should consider the time of the wedding as you plan to make up.
The time of day is crucial for the photo effect of makeup because of the different light.
Paying attention to the details of each time frame is essential to having a wedding photo of your dream!
The bride\'s wedding makeup in the morning should look soft and natural.
This is a perfect time for a girl who likes natural looks.
Most brides in the morning have weddings outside, or at least take a lot of photos outside.
In the morning, the photographer will take advantage of the soft natural light. 1.
The bride can choose a matte foundation, but also a foundation with a slight gloss or humidity. 2.
This is not the ideal time for a wedding if the bride is prone to erupt.
You will want to wear very little Foundation and cover the conce cream due to the soft light. 3.
Use the least amount of powder to create a slight matte look.
Heavy powder can appear in the morning light. 4.
Choose a warm, soft eye tone that complements your eye color.
In the morning light, bold eye shadow or too much eye shadow will become more prominent. 5.
Define your eyes well with mascara and may choose fake eyelashes. 6.
Eyeliner is the choice of the bride in the morning.
Keep the eyeliner delicate and soft.
There is no black eyeliner and applied lines to prevent the appearance from being rough. 7.
Soft and natural lips are ideal for morning brides.
All you will see in the photo is bold or lips! 8.
The bridesmaids should also wear soft makeup, and the color of the clothes should be soft. BRIDEMid at noon-
The wedding day must take into account that the midday sun may cast a shadow on your face.
It will make a big difference if you take photos outdoors. 1.
Avoid a shiny or damp base.
At this time of the day, the gloss reflects the light in the photo.
The light foundation and matte powder finish will be well shot. 2.
Blush should also have more matte. Avoid shimmer. 3.
Keep eye makeup bright and avoid dark colors.
If it\'s dark, your eyes will look like two dark holes in the picture.
Highlight shadows should be the shimmer that reflects the light, the most important shade of the day at this time of day.
To avoid the look of the eyes shiny, the middle color and outline shadows should be matte. 4.
The eyeliner should be closest to the lash line. 5.
Mascara is essential for long and sweet lashes. 6.
Mixing is absolutely critical for the medium termday bride.
The sun is getting stronger and stronger, and every makeup line will become more visible.
There\'s no such thing as overmixing! LATE-
If you would like to add a little drama to your makeup, please take advantage of the golden lights later in the afternoon.
This light is beautiful and tolerant. 1.
You can use more concealer and foundation to cover up any flaws on your face. Always powder -
Matte Skin is essential for photos. 2.
Add color to your face as dusk approaches.
If you don\'t have enough color, the flash on the camera may wash you clean.
A little color on the cheek always blushes!
At this time of the day the color of the cheeks can have some shimmer.
You can also choose bronzing powder to give you the effect of \"warm light. 3.
At this time of the day, more dramatic shadows of eyeshadow are appropriate.
The highlight is beautiful.
Avoid using three flashes. 4.
For brides later in the afternoon, a richer lip color may be a preference.
The bride in the evening is the charming Queen.
More makeup and color will be better at night than at any time of the day.
You can choose dark eyeshadow to make your makeup look more noticeable. 1.
The foundation and foundation are more, and it is acceptable to cover the imperfect skin. 2.
Use the bronzes generously to brighten your skin.
This increases the size and prevents flushing from the flash. 3.
Everything should be clearer.
Lips, eyes, cheekbones. 4.
At this time of the day, sparkling eye shadow photos are the best, but there is no frost.
One of the three shades requires matte. 5.
Seriously consider the false eyelashes of the evening wedding.
This brings more definition to the eyelash line that competes with the flash. 6.
Smoky eyes is the perfect choice for the evening bride. 7.
Lip color and powder are essential at all times.
Tip 4 skin care before the wedding is always essential for the bride to have the most beautiful glowing look on the day of the wedding.
Brides who do not use quality skincare procedures should consider her options six to eight weeks before the wedding.
Soap is not a high quality skin care procedure and cheap discounted items are not suitable for your skin.
Choose a line where you can work together using all the products that are made.
There are five basic steps in high-quality skin care.
Remember, a high quality skincare program allows you to create the perfect canvas to work with your makeup app!
The eyelashes are broken.
The lack of eyelashes and swollen red eyes may be evidence of the small eye mites eating a Thanksgiving buffet on your eyes the night before.
Tip 5 what not to do on the wedding day-derm abrasion -
This product is absolutely amazing in terms of exfoliating and creating a soft, updated look.
Microderm tends to bring red blood cells to the top of the skin, because it will oxidized and renew the skin, so it should be done at least two days before the wedding.
While there are complementary steps for some products to ease the newly fallen skin, it is never recommended to do so immediately before the wedding.
Using a suntan-free lotion may help you feel the warmth you want on your wedding day.
Be sure to test a few weeks in advance so you are completely satisfied with the application and drying of the product.
Before starting the application, be sure to do a good job of exfoliating.
After exfoliating, moisturizing should be done to prevent streaking.
A few weeks before the wedding, you have the option to use sun-free suntan lotion for color depth and then maintain it every few days.
Don\'t start sunbathing the week of the wedding.
Be sure to check the packaging label before applying the face to prove that the lotion is safe for your face. Stay up late -
We all know that there were thousands of details the night before the wedding, butterflies in your belly, relatives and friends from other places.
The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner also put a lot of pressure.
It is essential for the bride to have a good night\'s sleep so that she can look the best on her wedding day.
No bride wants puffy eyes and dark circles to remind her of her tired days on the road.
Tip 6 facial application technology on wedding day, starting with the use of skin care procedures, ending with a moisturizer.
Let the moisturizer dry before making up.
The bride can use any tool she likes to apply the foundation: a finger, a brush or a sponge.
The sponge is very hygienic and helps with the mixing process and helps your foundation look smooth and perfect.
The base brush will give you a good coverage.
If you use your fingertips, be sure to wash your hands after applying moisturizer and skin care products as these items damage the integrity of the foundation.
Start mixing the foundation in the center of the face and mix outward.
Do it by using a down pen drawing so that fine facial hair will lie flat.
On this special day, you will want to suck dry after applying the foundation to absorb any extra moisture.
The powder also absorbs excess moisture, but sucking it dry first will allow you to walk longer before touching it.
Covering conce cream is a good tool to cover up the flaws on your face.
The key to successful use of the conceconce cream is to apply it only to discolored skin, not just that.
The texture of the masking cream is different from that of the foundation, and the powder will be captured in different ways.
Mixing is essential.
If you really have dark circles under your eyes, you may need to use a lighter shade cream than your base. not concealing)
Just below the swollen area.
This will create the illusion of covering edema.
Create this effect using a Highlight pen or a highlight powder.
After applying the foundation, the flaw can be covered with a little masking cream.
Apply the cover paste directly to the top of the flaw and point the painting to mix.
Do not rub it, and do not apply the masking cream to the surrounding area, as this breaks the illusion.
Powder is absolutely necessary on the day of the wedding.
It lays the foundation for you;
Add smooth softness to your look.
The powder also absorbs more oil.
Facial contours are an application technology you might want to try on your wedding day.
The idea is to make an oval face with a base of three shades.
A darker tone helps the back of the cheek, chin, or square forehead.
The forehead, the tip of the nose, the center of each cheekbone and Chin have a lighter shade.
Tip 7 eyes, yes, those eyebrows are the windows of your soul.
At your wedding, the eyes reflect so much emotion.
You\'ll want to highlight your eyes with makeup instead of competing for attention!
Most brides should stay away from eye shadows with multiple colors such as blue, green or black.
The use of natural tones such as ivory, Tan, beige or brown will make the bride\'s eyes shine.
Effectively preparing the eye area will ensure a vibrant color that lasts the whole day.
Apply the cover cream to the eye mask.
Any excess oil will be absorbed using the powder.
Eye cream is also a secret tool to prevent wrinkles and keep eye shadow in its bright colors.
Eyeliner is the bride\'s personal choice.
Pencils are the most common, but brides who don\'t usually make up may choose to arrange and define her eyes with deep eyeshadow.
The lining should be the thinnest in the center of the face and gradually become thicker towards the outer corner.
Mixing is necessary because the rough lines will make the eyes look smaller.
One trick you might want to use is to push the black eyeshadow and a small brush onto the eyelash line.
This defines the eyes and makes the lashes look thicker without a lot of lining.
Most people should decorate your eye shape with eye shadow.
Standard eyes, masked eyes, wide-
Collections, narrow sets, deep sets, and prominent sets all require different application techniques to ensure that the eyes are the most flattering.
These appearances are achieved by using a light tone to show features and matte shadows that hide or create depth.
Be sure to ask what the shape of your eyes is, and even if it is worn daily, ask the pointer to each eye.
It is also essential for the bride to keep her eyebrows.
If you don\'t pull or wax your eyebrows at ordinary times, I encourage you to find a professional person to make your natural arch.
Then you can follow the arches and Twitter as needed.
This is also a step you don\'t want to do before the wedding.
Sometimes microblogs and waxing can cause swelling and even bleeding of the tissue.
Give yourself a few days before the wedding to finish the idea.
Eyebrows should not go deeper into your face than directly covering the corners of your eyes.
You can take a pencil.
Place it vertically next to the nose to determine where the eyebrows should start.
The outer corner of the eye should be right on the outer edge of your eyes.
Pick up the same pencil and from the nose to the corner of your eye you will see where the eyebrows should end.
The arch will be above the pupil of the eye.
There is no fixed style for your eyebrows;
Thick, thin, sparse, or full
Training and maintenance are the only requirements.
Mascara is a must for any bride.
I recommend a few layers of mascara to make the lashes the thickest!
Apply mascara first, just brush the tip called \"tip\" once and apply only a small amount of products.
Go back and keep the level you want to move back and forth to make your lashes fuller.
Then hold your wand vertically to create the illusion of lengthening.
You may want to apply a waterproof mascara at the end!
If you use eyelash curlers, you should use curlers before mascara.
Try a heated mascara and you will be surprised by the results.
Use a heated mascara after mascara.
Brave enough to try fake eyelashes at your wedding.
They really express your eyes very clearly and they are simple to use and cheap to give you a very trendy look!
Tip 8 sweet lips and how to keep lips are also important for your wedding photos and look best.
The bride should have clear, sweet lips, but not too full of her makeup.
A good rule of thumb is that if you like eyes that are more eye-catching than your lips or prefer them, you may want to choose lips that are more nude or natural.
If you want to focus on your lips, make bolder lips with a softer eye color and a deeper and richer color.
Use lip sleeve, lip primer, powder, lipstick and lip
Polishing ensures that your lipstick lasts until you eat.
If you want to make your lips smaller or larger, you can also choose to use the masking cream to wipe your natural lip line and apply it gently inside or at the edge of the lip line to produce the desired effect.
Start your lips with lip primer.
Then apply a lip line to add the color of the lipstick.
The bride should never show clear lines in lipstick! Apply lipstick.
Suck dry with tissue that removes excess moisture.
Apply the loose powder to the lips to absorb excess moisture.
Apply lipstick again.
End with the lips of praisegloss!
When you kiss the groom, just lick your lips and your lips will stay on you, not on him!
Let\'s face it. . .
You may feel beautiful all day long, and everyone may be amazed at how beautiful you look. . .
But if this expression is not captured in your photo, the feeling will disappear quickly.
Many people hate being photographed, mainly because they don\'t know the skills and skills of taking pictures.
Follow the tips for these beautiful photos to make your life unforgettable!
Determine if you take a photo of the bride portrait before the wedding photo.
Bridal portraits are usually taken indoors, and you can make up more if you shoot outdoors.
If taking a photo outside, remember to review the tips on natural lighting. 1.
Warm your skin by carving and stamping your face.
This will make sure you don\'t seem to be eliminated in the photos. 2.
Be careful to wear foundation and powder with luster.
You can do this if you are photographed inside, but remember that matte is always better. 3.
Even if you don\'t wear it every day, you should blush a little.
It adds vitality to your face and reveals cheekbones to polish your face. 4.
The warm cheek color makes the skin look fresher and fresher than the cold tone.
Don\'t forget to add a little bronze! 5.
Don\'t wear Frosted shadows on the wedding day.
They always look shiny and artificial in the photos.
Adhere to material or light eye shadow. 6.
Make sure you have a matte finish with at least one of your eyeshadow.
Don\'t use the shimmer of three shades.
However, three shades of substance can be used if you wish. 7.
Adhere to warm shades, including brown shades of eye shadow.
They beautifully enhance the color of each eye. 8.
Do not wear bold lip or eye color.
The lips should be a little deeper than your natural lip color.
The shade of the eye shadow should be deep enough to create clarity and enhance the color of your eyes, but not dark enough to attract all attention. 9.
Pay special attention to defining the eyes well in the lash line.
This can be achieved with several layers of mascara or false eyelashes. 10.
Lips should have a good definition for photos.
You can erase the natural lip line with a little masking cream, apply the lip line on the perfect fresh canvas, and make your lips ideal for photos. 11.
Consider coloring the eyebrows with a mixed eyebrow pencil or matte eye shadow.
This will have a significant impact on how your photos and eyebrows define your face.
Your eyebrows should be well decorated. 12.
Remember, matte skin photos are more perfect than water stains or gloss on your skin.
Carry the powder with you to keep your matte look perfect all day!
Tip 10 keeping your makeup fresh all day the initial application is the first step to keeping your makeup fresh all day.
Choose a base that is resistant to transfer and can be laid.
This will prevent the Foundation from fading and ensure the same tone if you re-apply!
After applying the foundation, absorb the excess water.
Absorb excess moisture with powder around your eyes and keep everything normal.
Use the mask cream and lip primer on the lips.
After applying the cover cream and lip primer, apply the lip cover, lip stick and dry to remove excess moisture.
Apply another layer of lipstick and finish the lip gloss.
This will last unless you eat it or wipe it off with a napkin.
Keep the powder in the groom\'s pocket and you will be with him when you need it!
Put a second lipstick and lip gloss in the groom\'s pocket to polish before or after the reception!
Use black mascara and a few coats most effectively!
Last sentence: Remember, this is one of the most important days of your life as a bride.
The makeup of the bridesmaids can be very soft and can be matched with the color of the wedding, but this is your day.
Your bridesmaids will also like to consider the most flattering places for their features!
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