Tears of angels: sincerity cosmetics OEM factory to open the market

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
Every morning, after a night of & other; Dry & throughout; , on the face long & other; Dry & throughout; After washing a face, so a lot of people in the morning on toner will choose to replenish moisture, failure, but ordinary toner will soon face again become edition, let a person is very upset. Aiming at this problem, cosmetics factory OEM factory after a lot of research and development, and other The angel tears & throughout; Was born! This exactly is what kind of product, can be called & other; The angel tears & throughout; 吗?
cosmetics factory OEM factory is a new angel tears with small molecules of water, microcrystalline oil essence, hyaluronic acid, plant extract fourfold moisturizing ingredients of toner, giving multiple moisturizing facial skin, make skin keep water embellish position from morning till night.

in the hand, a similar crystal dew, transparent and shining, it is the tears of the angels, pat daub, namely into water, make the dry skin instantly & other Drink & throughout; Full of water, the unique microcrystalline essence oil contains essence ingredient, nourishing force and hydraulic lock Max, long-lasting lock water moisture, this feature is generally toner.

these peculiar efficacy, cosmetics factory OEM factory is through a variety of combination experiments of various ingredients, dental laboratories is obtained, said for & other; Sincerity work & throughout; Too much! “ The angel tears & throughout; Contains hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients:
a, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is a kind of acid mucopolysaccharide, is tender, the important basis of material itself is also a component of the human body, it has a special role in water retention, weight up to 100 times its own weight, higher is the moisturizing effect best substance found in nature, known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor.

hyaluronic acid, & beta; - Glucan: from Brazil mushroom, natural & beta; - Glucan, give skin like silk moist and smooth tactility, is a multifunctional anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, moisturizing and repairing the skin after sunburn and whitening active ingredients. Compare the yeast glucan and plant sources, it in promoting cell growth, promoting wound healing and strengthen the immune system has strong effect.

β - Glucan
3, advanced bionic grease: bionic is synonymous with high-tech, it refers to the use of advanced science and technology, various faculties to mimic the biological function of feeling and thinking, more effective services for mankind. Bionic grease is another name for a type of grease, on the structure, function and effect way perfect mimic the human body skin grease, has better absorption, more soft and delicate skin, the excellent properties of work more easily.

advanced bionic grease cosmetics factory OEM factory r&d & other The angel tears & throughout; , using advanced bionic grease form bionic oil film on the surface of the skin, make the hyaluronic acid and other nutrients can quickly through the skin into the cells, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and repair effect, and can do this, because cosmetics factory OEM factory is professor Dr R &d team, equipped with a stable high-quality cosmetics research and development professionals, won the national certificate of high and new technology enterprise, the two bosses have 20 years of research experience in cosmetics formula design and natural plant extraction and application study, lead the team to develop more efficient and safe products.

cosmetics factory level Dr Experienced r&d team



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