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Teach you a recruit cosmetics factory, cosmetics OEM manufacturers how to choose

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Countries, according to the hubei daily cosmetics adverse reaction monitoring and evaluation, the adverse reactions in cosmetics, wuhan wuhan hospital reported all over the last two years. Cosmetics factory OEM factory will teach you to select the correct quality processing factories, from the source to help you with your product, has its own brand.

in view of the problem a: cosmetics slathering skin hormone dyeing & other; Drug addiction & throughout;
7 kinds of cosmetics health standards specified by sex hormones in our country for banned substances, including estrone, estradiol, estriol, diethylstilbestrol, etc. Because of adding sex hormones in cosmetics can quickly promote hair growth, prevent skin aging, increase skin elasticity, and have anti-wrinkle and dark sore acne treatment effect, are often illegally added to all kinds of skin care products. Long-term use of sex hormones in cosmetics can lead to skin pigment deposition, shading, thinning of the skin layer side effects, cause skin disease, even has the risk of cancer.

so in the face of diversified needs, we also pay more and more attention to their health and beauty, efforts in seeking a green, natural, healthy way of life. Cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer for 20 years maintain & other; Good quality, safe and effective, scientific and technological innovation & throughout; Concept, the use of advanced ERP enterprise production management system, production of high-quality cosmetics for the customer. Established special plant technology development center, research and development of plant products, adhere to bring the wonders of skin care to every female charm.

in view of the problem two: drugstore, no unified standards of the state
cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer is cosmetics license to obtain the joining together of two certificates, now in the market can only sell the joining together of two certificates of products; Also obtain pollutant discharge permit of guangdong province, the certificate but only manufacturer conform to the requirements of qualified environmental protection can be, and many manufacturers was shut down for didn't get the emission permits.

so you choose cosmetics OEM manufacturer, of course, should choose qualified products, without adding harmful substances, and to highlight in efficiency, determine each produce a product is green, health, safety, water embellish, beautiful skin, etc.

just cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer firmly plant cosmetics research and development, brings together the domestic and foreign medicine, dermatology, biotechnology and beauty industry in areas such as the excellent talents, on products is conducted by experiment, help customers to launch various series of cosmetics. And in the domestic cosmetics beauty makeup market has won widespread praise. If you join, I believe I can bring the result that expect is less than to your brand, and you have a high quality plant to protect skin to taste more healthy, natural well received by today's consumers.

welcome to cosmetics factory OEM processing plant, the company free of charge transfer

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