Social electricity, cosmetics OEM brand to pull away, quality win?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-05
Recently, the central people's government of the People's Republic of China website reprint economic journal published in the new spring, '' the social power business is thriving, causing heated debate. The beauty makeup market development, social electricity. Social electricity, cosmetics OEM brand to pull away, quality win?

1。 Traditional social electricity brand layout, new brand directed fans to precipitate

for traditional and new brands, there are different ways to use social power.

(1) the traditional social brand layout electric company, should pay attention to the offline stores drainage to the public, small program, guide and will become a distribution agent, through social advertising, marketing tools such as drainage of fission tools.

(2) for the new brand, the brand more paragraphs should pay attention to choose, and the ability to play hot style and a graphic ability, by attracting people copy and hot style to open the market, and after obtaining the first flow directed fans to precipitate into the community on a regular basis to carry out the interactive marketing. In addition, the training from the media and web celebrity KOL, through new channel to sell the goods, such as live well quickly also can get good effect. As cosmetics factory have lots of clients by selecting blasting product in cosmetics factory, live take goods, guarantee product quality, sales is also very good! It doesn't booked 10 products include other cream, 4 kind of lipstick, before shipment has been booked most, then have to have purchased before double 11 100000! For the brand to high turnover and profit.

young consumers as severe surfers, very easy in frequent interaction and beauty makeup KOL on its trust, KOL hence the enormous influence. From cosmetics factory in many clients many vivid examples, we can feel the KOL's powerful appeal, bring the attention of explosive. Behind this is not only a surprising number of sales, also includes the fermentation of mouth of the brand. KOL leading brand consumer cognition, which can produce a hot style product.

 2. How to attract the attention of consumers?

beauty makeup brand to attract consumers attention quickly, on the one hand, discerning the tastes of young consumers, from the content of the high heat, high attention, to share experience, product evaluation form such as grass products, deepen the memory; To cater to young people's emotional appeal, on the other hand, the story, such as in funny, memories, love, stay up late, to innovate on the topic of weight loss, etc, reduce the distance between brands and consumers, resonant, realize the spread of the virus type.

social media broke the traditional electricity simple commodity display, consumer in the form of a passive choice, use of social networks and influential people to make the electricity gradually transition to guide the consumption era, improve the conversion rate and loyalty of consumers.

3. Seize the opportunity, create social electrical goods brand product

today, social electricity pattern also is approved by the state and policy support. Brand party had to seize the opportunity and make good use of social power, ace, and strict with the quality of the products, services and consumer experience and so on various aspects, bound to lead the brand in a competitive market to break out of it.

cosmetics factory in technology has absolute quality, guide the research and development of natural plant extract. Can help brands development products sell like hot cakes, cosmetics factory and guangdong pharmaceutical university, university of Chinese medicine, plant development center to carry out technology transfer cooperation, countries around the world to create laboratory, research in Chinese herbal formula, human skin test, green plant components for scientific research, such as technical level in manufacturing industry leading level, in ensure the specificity of the other, let the component wave coming from the large use value, to the overall strength, strong scientific research ahead of time to create product value for customers.
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