so that\'s how she gets the summer bay glow! makeup-free home and away star ada nicodemou indulges in a 24-carat gold collagen eye mask

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-21
When she filmed the scenes of her family and going out, she was always shining in the gorgeous Summer Bay.
Ada nikodemu revealed a beautiful secret on Friday to help her achieve the perfect skin tone.
Got Instagram, 39-year-
The old Australian actress shared her photo on the dressing chair, while a 24-year-old actress
Her face was covered with a carat gold collagen eye mask.
On another crazy morning in the chair I felt sick so I needed all the help I could get.
Thanks @ miamakeup nomakeup just joined the unit next to the title.
The beauty with dark skin does not have makeup in the photo, just applying the golden lonvitoria beauty product under her brown eyes.
According to lonvitoria\'s official Instagram media account, their 24-
Carat gold collagen eye mask \"helps replenish, replenish moisture and reduce fine lines \".
Ada lit up her pearl white while taking a selfie in the dressing room, while wearing a white robe, pulling the brown lock back.
After Ada was accused of breaking up with her husband Chris cipoletas, she appeared to be in high spirits.
Probably because there is a new man in her life.
A source told Women\'s Day last week: \"ada has hinted to some people around her that she currently has a\" special friend \".
While the actress hasn\'t lifted the lid on what she calls her new boyfriend, people around her say he brings the TV star another side.
It\'s too early, the source said, but you can see that he really makes her happy.
According to Women\'s Day, the couple separated in last November when she was accused of breaking up with Chris.
According to the magazine, since their second son died in 2014, the two have been struggling with the great grief they face.
The magazine says Chyrs moved out of the house before Christmas.
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