Sleek eye shadow? Sleek eye shadow 658 tutorial

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-20
Pay attention to highlight people certainly will not! The sleek highlight four color combination, four colors, shades, make the face more stereo, according to different brightness, facial make big face little face and it also can be used in the collar bone, deepen the collarbone, let more sexy you learn to use highlights, you will become more charming. Sleek what eye shadow sleek four color highlights composite plate is coming! Before we have been using their cheek is red, the Fried chicken is really good ~ ~ so we brought the present popular products before I really is the don't care much for makeup look! Go out only with BB creams and thrush painted lips, but since saw the Sleek highlight this four color combination, I think I should pay more attention to make up! Appearance is really high pretend bility, good? Good! Also equipped with a small brush, brush the hair is very soft, skin contact is very mild, and not tingling ~ with the face itself is 'flat', and then not dozen highlights, so it seems that the whole people is no spirit! I will certainly do highlights after go out! Can add makeup look stereo feeling, and can let other people to your makeup points - four color highlights, a paste, three is the powder! Four color highlights are added in pearl powder. My face felt shining provoking love! For makeup girl, must learn to one content is multi-purpose. Oh, so that we can save a lot of cost and space especially travel or repair a makeup, a four color highlights can be a variety of usage! Partial white color number can be used to make the highlights and lie silkworm? ~ T will brunet department used to sweep to the face outline, so that you can show face small? ~ for the girls want to V face or want clavicle is more obvious, also can use this! , as long as the use of deep light color, daub on the collar bone, can let your collarbone more show thin, you can also have sexy collarbone ~ and a little golden paste and powder, eye shadow can be used to do ~ aureate eye shadow is very elegant, and if can get daily makeup also, have a kind of the silt but not imbrued feeling ~ a multipurpose four-color highlights composite plate is then free to use eye shadow to sleek 658 tutorial 12 color test color
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