skin care tops makeup at estee lauder in chase for youthful look

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-11
Estee Lauder. ’s skin-
Care programmes show more lasting strength.
Income from skin
Nursing products exceed cosmetics for the third time
The company has beauty brands such as Clinique and Bobbi Brown, as well as flagship brands.
Today, the skin care business accounts for more than 40% of revenue and more than half of profits. Luxury skin-
Care label La Mer and skin-
Estee Lauder\'s flagship brand of care products, performance is particularly good.
Executives said in a conference call with analysts on Wednesday that they expect consumers to continue buying luxury goods.
Recently, as shoppers turn to products such as tobacco amine serum, hydrating masks and jelly cleaners to soothe tired skin, skin care has been dominating the beauty dialogue.
Using the trend, Estee Lauder introduced a new treatment lotion mask and a supercharged eye repair gel last quarter.
Shares rose 12% to $146.
The New York stock market hit its biggest intraday gain in a year on Wednesday.
Shares have risen by 3.
This year\'s 1% closed on Tuesday, topping 0.
The S & P 3% index rose 500. —
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