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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-26
Fade out fine lines, has a high level of appearance is what everyone wants to have, but time is like a kill pig knife, no matter how do you protect the skin it is merciless left its mark on you. But now don't have to worry about his face with the appearance of fine lines, Dr Skincare cosmetics factory processing plants of research and development team after a series of the development of a new product, is used today to recommend to you dance the peacock and anti-wrinkle essence, this product can let you those so-called years trace things fade out fine lines!

dance the peacock and anti-wrinkle essence is some mild plants such as oats peptide, dwarf lilyturf root extract, bitter ginseng root extract, twisting the cactus stems extract; Oats peptide has to improve the environment, promote the metabolism of skin cells, strong ability to repair and maintain skin vitality, give skin more high-quality collagen; Dwarf lilyturf root extract is help skin sterilization, improve skin immunity, inhibit bacteria, form a protective film for the skin; And sophora and cactus extract can good exquisite and whiten skin, balance grease, shrink pores, remove melanin in the skin; So, reach the role of anti-oxidation, radiation protection.
this dance the peacock and anti-wrinkle essence, contain a variety of skin cream, let you return to the youth; Unlock skin, smoothen fine lines, restore full lip muscles, promote cells absorb can stay. So want to fade out fine lines, with high level appearance delicate face, might as well choose the dance the peacock and anti-wrinkle essence cosmetics factory.
this product is a cosmetic factory plant research and development center and guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics r&d team research and development of products, from domestic high-quality raw material suppliers, from the source to ensure product quality, after 36 process, from market research, product research and development team, Dr International GMPC thousands and ISO certification workshop production, after the microbial inspection and packaging, all conform to the cosmetic product standards, and every step in the process has only trace the code, to ensure that the products are strong after-sale!

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