skin care at every age: dermatologist tips and tricks to keep your skin glowing

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-08
It may not be surprising to hear that aging is an increasingly common point of discussion between dermatologists and their patients.
But, surprisingly, some people are starting to think about how early it is to look for and grow old.
\"Trends show that people are more proactive,\" said Dr . \"
Sonya Abdulla, Department of Dermatology, Bloor, Toronto.
\"We see people in their 20 s asking for products to prevent or reduce initial signs of sun damage and aging.
However, before people wait for the initial signs of these aging to become more visible, they just take action at this point.
\"This kind of premature concern
Aging even has its own name: \"pre-juvenation.
\"Our idea is that an ounce of prevention is equivalent to a pound of treatment . \"
Mark Lupin of Cosmedica from Victoria explained.
\"Of course, it\'s much easier to be both beautiful --
If we take care of the skin earlier in life, it looks like a healthy skin.
\"So, what are the biggest skin care issues related to signs of aging?
According to Lupin, this is a list of a range of issues including dry skin, brown spots, wrinkles, broken capillaries and sagging skin.
\"Skin Health is also a focus,\" he said . \"
Effective skin care procedures do not have to be too complicated.
Simple is really better, says skin care experts.
\"Daily sunscreen will always be a part of the daily life of any woman, or even any man;
Antioxidants, vitamin E are the most common, but there are a few others, such as blueberry extract or black tea, which will help to clear free radicals and limit oxidative damage to the skin;
Finally, \"This will promote the production of collagen and limit fine lines while improving the texture of the skin,\" Abdulla said . \".
\"It\'s really three straight wins.
\"Although countless new members have been added to the skin care team, experts believe that preventing sun damage is the best way to promote skin health.
\"It is estimated that the approximate signs of aging are due to photosaging, i. e.
Overexposed to the sun in a lifetime, \"Dr. Lupin says.
\"We know that other environmental insults such as smoking and pollution have also caused losses.
\"How much sun protection factor is enough?
People of all ages are advised to join
Spectral sun block (
UVA and UVA blocking)
No matter what time of year, they have about 60 SPF in their daily life.
\"Of course, it\'s also a year in the summer months --
If you have the ability, please make a detour . \"Abdulla says.
\"Even in winter, we can still get exposure to UV rays, especially the reflection of snow.
\"While reducing sunscreen from your daily routine is never a good idea, it\'s important to change your lifestyle as your skin changes over the years.
\"Through seasonal changes and time, the skin is something that continues to evolve.
So your needs will be different for a certain number of months or years, \"explains Abdulla.
\"As we grow older, we need to change our daily lives in order to cope with these changes.
\"Although there is no problem with inggo --
For skincare products, you may find that something is not as good as it used to be, which means it\'s time to go shopping.
Abdulla said shoppers should do their homework on potential products before buying to make sure it not only addresses specific skin care issues, but also works.
\"Skin care is a huge industry and there is a lot of marketing.
\"So I have a lot of things to consider when patients buy products,\" explains Abdulla . \".
\"First of all, what is the active ingredient, what type of reputation does it have, and what type of data exists around that ingredient?
Second, have you done clinical research?
If clinical (studies)
It\'s done, but it\'s not enough to post or communicate yet.
Data in the public domain should be published to see if the product is valid, not just for specific ingredients.
The reputation of the company that makes the product is also very important.
Finally, tolerance.
If this is a product that your skin can\'t tolerate, then it doesn\'t make sense to use it.
\"You really have to take all of these factors into account when picking a product, because it\'s an investment in time and an investment in you.
\"Consulting a dermatologist on skin care issues, possible products and treatments often helps save time and money --
And see the results.
\"Proper skin care and office care should be tailored for everyone,\" said Lupin . \".
\"It is highly recommended to see a dermatologist to help guide the journey, as only dermatologists have obtained the Royal College professional name of the FRCPC Dermatology Department, this represents that at least five years of additional research other than the MD has been specially trained in all aspects of the skin.
\"Think it\'s time to enter.
Some kind of office treatment?
Lupin said, consider one of the four \"Rs\": improve skin quality through treatments like clear Brilliant; re-
Lift the eyebrows by tightening Toona skin, Theramageor Ulthera firm and relaxed skin;
Relax pressure areas such as frown areas and chicken feet by using Botox, Xeomin or Dysport;
Fill areas that lose support and volume with hyaluronic acid genuine leather fillers such as juvederm, Beloteroor Teosyal.
Research and discussion with dermatologists is critical to finding the perfect treatment and management expectations for outcomes.
General skin care and resistance
Specifically, the aging system should be customized
For your personal questions and skin types.
\"Just because your friend or your mother has been treated and has achieved good results does not necessarily mean that this is the right treatment for you.
\"At the end of the day, it\'s all based on your needs,\" said Abdulla . \".
\"It\'s a trend of your genetic makeup, your age is growing more slowly or faster.
Is it you exposed to the Sun, do you apply sunscreen
All of this will promote progress or prevention of aging.
\"Hope to optimize your skin care system to get the best leather --
Improve welfare? You’re in luck. We askDr.
Sonya Abdulla, a dermatologist in Toronto\'s Bloor Dermatology Department, provides top-notch advice to keep your 30, 40 and 50-year-old skin looking great.
\"Once we start to see signs, we\'re already behind eight balls,\" Abdulla said of signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
But your skincare game will never be too late
No matter how old you are
There are several key active ingredients for skin care.
\"In your 30 s, you are facing problems with radiation loss, increased aperture and increased visibility of fine lines,\" said Abdulla . \".
Look for a product that contains antioxidants such as vitamin cor blueberry extract to help fight free radicals.
Consider Stripping products using ingredients such as lemon and other fruit acids.
\"When you\'re in your 40 s, you\'ll see more wrinkles, a full change in skin texture, and
Pigmentation, \"said Abdullah.
Find vitamin A included (.
According to Abdulla, 4 cents of vitamin A acid is best suited to see the results
Or rat plum sugar, a natural sugar that usually comes from plants like birch trees, works in a similar way to vitamin A, but can be more gentle on the skin.
Hyaluronic acid is another beneficial ingredient that is said to enhance the hydration and elasticity of the skin.
\"In your 50 s, you are dealing with the problems of deepening wrinkles, further loss of elasticity and overall dryness of the skin,\" said Abdulla . \".
Hydration is the key here, so look for products that can provide \"strong\" hydration, such as ceramics and pro-A kind of sugar-Magnolia
This protein is believed to promote the production of sugar amine grease in the leather.
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