Silk lipstick cosmetics factory OEM generation of processing advantages to say it out loud

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-30
He is a good standard OEM generation of processing quality silk lipstick

and good quality from exquisite fine action, cosmetics factory production of 36 processes silk lipstick

1, silk mouth red envelope material procurement procedures: packaging design review & ndash; Packaging material supplier selection & ndash; Packaging materials procurement & ndash; Packaging for it & ndash; Packaging batch production.

2, silk lipstick development process: market research expert Dr - guangdong college of pharmacy services to set up research and development group development plan with factory engineer - formula for discussion - imported raw material selection formula developed - proofing - sample stability test - beauty expert clinical skin effect test pilot - stability test - production - experiment.

3, the lipstick of silk production processes: raw material inspection - clean raw material warehousing - packaging - packaging clean transport - according to the order picking - packaging hygienic examination, the personnel health disinfection cleaning - packaging material - emulsion production - emulsion making inspection - semi-finished products let stand - semi-finished products inspection and - - filling - packaging - packaging products full inspection finished product physical and chemical inspection - safe transport.

2, good quality from the source - natural ingredients

cosmetics factory silk lipstick OEM generation of processing factory and several foreign suppliers, using the highest quality natural ingredients abroad the development and production, our foreign partners are: raw material, Germany basf, French bick, Dutch green branch, Germany's Merck, wo DE xin, the Netherlands aksu, Britain, the United States dow corning, dow chemical, Japan, etc.

3, good quality comes from the foreign advanced production equipment, cosmetics factory silk lipstick OEM generation of processing manual fold membrane automatic irrigation equipment sealing water production line equipment, ISO9001 management system, to ensure the high quality, timely delivery.

4, strong research and development team, excellent formula

cosmetics factory silk lipstick OEM generation of processing and combining the core members, guangdong college of pharmacy cosmetic research center established a team of senior scientific hairdressing elite composed of experts, professor, doctor of medicine research and development team, the introduction of high-tech technology, supercritical fluid extraction and natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine effective component was applied to silk of lipstick.

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