should you buy \'natural\' makeup?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-15
For Phoebe Lapine, the rash is as predictable as the rent increase after the lease extension: once a year, it is dealt with very quickly (
Not comfortable though)
It was not ignored until the second year cycle was repeated.
But a year, Rabin\'s rash-
She had a red, uneven spot around her nose and mouth and was diagnosed with mouth Zhou Yan-
None of the ones she tried before disappeared. and-
Real treatment including steroid injections, drug creams, or antibiotics.
So she tried something new: as part of her year --
Through a one-month experiment in different areas of health, she has long been committed to living happily and healthily in Hashimoto\'s disease, and she has exchanged many traditional skin care products and cosmetics for \"greener\" products.
Lapine, 31, admitted: \"Vanity is my strongest motivation . \"year-old gluten-
New York City\'s free chef, who recorded her journey in the book Health program.
\"However, the makeover of her cosmetic cabinet is a little financially stressful,\" a little emotionally unstable, \"because it means she is no longer dependent on many products,\" Lapine said.
This also means giving up thrift, because for example, a small bottle of natural foundation made of ingredients such as macadamia nut oil costs more than three times as much as she does --
Go to the pharmacy
However, with the change of diet, Rabin\'s efforts have been rewarded slowly.
Within a few months, she replaced some traditional products with more natural varieties found in beauty boutiques and Whole Foods, and her skin stopped fighting back.
Since then, in the past two years, she has not appeared in her mouth.
\"My whole skin color has changed,\" Lapine said . \"
\"It\'s too bright despite any defects and I have more colors on my skin. \"[
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Cia Tucci, vice president of brand and quality assurance at CVS Health store, said consumers are increasingly seeking organic, natural and other skin care and cosmetics with fewer synthetic ingredients, the company recently announced, it will remove certain chemicals from its 600 store brand beauty and personal care products.
We listened [consumers]
Tucci wrote to the United States requesting a safe and effective option on each aisleS. News.
Some supporters even say that putting any ingredient on your skin that you will not pronounce or eat is playing with fire, because the skin is a permeable organ that can absorb something that is exposed to it.
Others point out that treating the skin in a way that promotes skin health-
Instead of covering up the way it lacks health-
Can help it complete the work of protecting other systems of the body.
\"I think it\'s philosophical [about]
Treat your skin like any other organ in your body, and this is: what is its best diet? \" says Dr.
Roshini Raj, a gut scientist in New York City, has a collection of natural ingredients, including probiotics.
But medical support for such products is uneven.
On the one hand, certain chemicals-
This is the lack of Raj\'s products, and the parabens and phthal salts that CVS is removing-
As we all know, endocrine disruptors can have a negative impact on people with endocrine diseases like Rabin, and even increase the risk of others suffering from certain cancers.
\"It has been proved that they will destroy your hormones;
It\'s been a long time since it was proved.
\"They have a long-term impact,\" Raj said . \". [
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On the other hand, some synthetic ingredients are important to the shelf stability of the product, while others have been shown to improve skin health.
\"There are some very mature
\"Natural ingredients seem to be very effective and effective, so you should not be afraid to use anything that is not 100% natural,\" Raj said . \".
More importantly, the ability of the skin to absorb harmful ingredients is compared with the ability of the digestive system to absorb harmful ingredients, ignoring the purpose of the system: the skin is to eliminate toxins;
Your mouth is designed to absorb nutrition.
The skin is \"very limited,\" the doctor said \".
Ranella Hirsch, a Cosmetic and Laser dermatologist in Boston.
In addition, there is no consensus on the meaning of \"natural\", \"green\" or even \"organic\" cosmetics, so it is difficult to summarize their impact on health.
Hirsch said that without product sales, it is also difficult to find strong support for organic or natural products from sources.
\"I wouldn\'t call it a marketing strategy,\" she said . \".
\"I would say, though, that there are a lot of successes in attracting the unknown.
\"There is a consensus that everyone\'s skin color, priorities and values are different ---
Consumers should make decisions accordingly.
\"You have to manage these things, you have to make smart product choices, and at the same time don\'t make yourself completely crazy,\" Hirsch said . \". Here\'s how:1. Simplify.
When Lapine cleared her dressing cabinet-
Frequently use the database of the Environmental Working Group to assess potential hazards and health issues of personal care products-
She gained a lot of benefits in addition to eventually improving her skin.
She also reduced confusion and waste. -
In the long run, she has not been hit financially because her more natural product formula is more concentrated and lasts longer, and her skin has been improved enough to reduce makeup.
\"Ironically,\" she found, \"the skin is the skin we feel most embarrassed to show the world, and it can benefit the most from the process of never being covered up. \"2. Pick your non-poison.
Just like food choices, label the cosmetics as \"good\" or \"bad\" or use the fullor-
No mentality is dangerous, experts say.
Instead of throwing away all the traditional products, just buy 100-
Percentage of organic alternatives, consider the ingredients you care about most, and the products you use most often on the surface of your body.
Then, adjust accordingly.
\"Many of the products we are talking about are in use. . .
Creases of your eyes-
\"This is just a big part of your body and it will absorb it,\" Hirsch said . \".
\"If it\'s a product, you\'ll put a layer on your body from head to foot, it\'s totally different. \"[
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Management expectations.
No skin care product can completely change your appearance, health, and happiness.
What you put in your body and how you treat it is equally important, if not more important.
\"If you want to improve your skin, you have to look at your entire body and lifestyle, including your sleep patterns, diet and stress management techniques,\" Raj said . \".
Lapine is like this, he has severe gluten intolerance but does not avoid gluten and other pro
Until the start of her project, the inflammatory components were very serious.
\"I really don\'t understand ,[
Healthy Diet
It will be good, except for what happens under the surface, \"she said.
\"It will actually ---
Because a better word is missing. -
Make me more beautiful
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